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Those who want to watch the action-packed superhero movies like Marvel movies do not be fooled and do not get stuck on the title. This film is not a typical superhero movie. Instead of action, this movie has a lot of dialogue. Approximately 85% was. So, do not be fooled once

Synopsis: Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton), an actor who was destroyed both of his career and his personal life. He tried to make a comeback with a stage play and fix the relationship with his daughter Sam (Emma Stone) who is an addict ans just got out of rehab. Which become obstacles are supporting actor named Mike Shiner who is difficult to work with and inner conflicts that Riggan suffered.

This Movie is really not for people who want to look for casual entertainment. Some say boring, some say interesting. Based on my opinion, is quite interesting in terms of cinematography and camera capture the constantly moving as if we were at the scene. The strength of the players acting is extraordinary. Michael Keaton who happened to be a former superhero Batman actor can portray depression, Emma Stone plays addicts are difficult to predict and the character of Edward Norton could make us upset because it was so difficult set. The cast get many nominations and awards from this film. For me, there are some scenes I do not understand such as the power of telekinesis and highly ambiguous ending. Spectators should continue to follow the dialogue that a lot and fast. The film is a typical film for critics and not just anyone fit with this kind of film.

I think Michael Keaton could fit portray her former 'Birdman' because he was a Batman. Nowadays, children think the actor who played Batman is Christian Bale. Hmm interesting

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