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MAJOR possible SPOILER here, folks.

And it's not a fun SPOILER...

Been warned, you have!

I feel like I knew this day was coming but have been in denial for months now. Let me warn you one more time, because this spoiler is sounding pretty solid and if you want to go into [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) without knowing one of the biggest moments in the film, turn away now.

All right then. There's been speculation from the get-go about a certain character dying in Episode 7. Early on in production a certain actor even suffered an injury on set and many people were already feeling that maybe this certain someone was getting a little too old for this kind of thing.

Han Solo, in happier times.
Han Solo, in happier times.

The End of a Legend

Yes, so we're talking about Harrison Ford and Han Solo. Now, remember, this is all the stuff of pure rumor right now, but the folks at Making Star Wars are making a case that we may indeed see Han Solo dying a noble death in Episode 7. And this isn't just a Han will die rumor - the whole scene is laid out for us. One more time, if you don't want to know how Han Solo may die, go no further!

The scene is said to take place at "The Evil Castle". There isn't much in the way to know where or what exactly the evil castle is but it's long been rumored to the location where Luke Skywalker has been hiding out. This is likely the place represented in the leaked concept art below, all of which can be found through imgur user edofso, and it could be called the Evil Castle since it is rumored to be where an mysterious and powerful Sith tomb is located.

The "Evil Castle" where the scene may take place.
The "Evil Castle" where the scene may take place.

The Culprit in Question

As you can see, the Millennium Falcon is parked outside the place, so it could very well be that Han Solo has long been fated to visit this not so friendly looking place. If it is where this sought after Sith tomb is located, it would add up to why Han Solo's killer, Kylo Renn is there. Adam Driver's character is thought to be one of the main people seeking the location of this tomb and the artifact that will open it and unlock some major Sith power.

Kylo Renn, the murderer in question.
Kylo Renn, the murderer in question.

A Noble Death

Yes, Kylo Renn is said to be the killer of Han Solo. It is rumored to play out a bit like Obi Wan's death from Episode 4, with Han stepping in to confront Kylo Renn and save Finn and his daughter Rey. Even sadder is the info that Chewbacca is there and of course goes ballistic when he sees the person he's sworn to protect die.

The fight between Finn, Rey, Han and Kylo may also be represented in some of the concept art. The long robe in the character seen wielding his red lightsaber below definitely points to none other than Solo Killer Kylo Renn.

Star Wars concept art that may set the scene.
Star Wars concept art that may set the scene.

Sad But True?

What also, sadly, lends some authenticity to this rumor is that it makes sense for the movie to introduce us to a "new Han Solo" in the form of Oscar Isaac's character and that Chewbacca now has Han Solo's daughter to look after.

Well folks, yes, this is seriously depressing to even read, I know. But there is some hope that this could all be one of those false leads that the folks behind [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) are deliberately putting out there to keep rabid fans like us fooled. But it still stings, doesn't it?


Do you think Han Solo will die in Episode 7?


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