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Dr. Pepper has teamed up with AMC and [The Walking Dead](series:201193) and plans to offer up weekly survival tips based on the show's apocalyptic zombie theme. Like everything these days, it has a hashtag and promises to be an interactive experience. Fans can answer the question posed by Dr. Pepper by tweeting at and characters from the show will answer them honestly as well on camera.

The first question went to Andrew Lincoln, and it's a good one. So while it's great to team up with people in order to survive a zombie apocalypse, this question deals with the very real possibility that they get bit by a walker. You need everybody's unique skillset to survive... not to mention, a little bit of companionship can go a long way. However, if they get bit, all bets are off.

Check out how Lincoln responded.

First of all, I just have to say, it's awesome to see him without his beard! It really brings me back to the first season. And as a small bit of speculation, could this mean that in the future they've reached a place or facility where he can shave? Hmm, could be interesting.

As for his answer, I love it. If you can salvage the person's life by cutting off the limb that got bit, you go ahead and do that. But if the bite is irreversible, you have to either "leave them by the roadside" or "put them down". Such a hardcore answer from Lincoln, who kind of shows a little bit of uncompromising bad-assery here. Maybe acting as Rick has hardened him. Even your closest friends, and at times relatives have to go.

For example...


Stay on the look-out for more of these from Dr. Pepper and cast members of 'The Walking Dead'!


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