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I can imagine that we are all excited for the re-release of The Breakfast Club in cinemas this year; but do you know everything you need to know about the weird and wonderful cast?

1. Molly Ringwald

Did you know that Molly Ringwald is not the only creative genius in her family? Her father, Robert Scott 'Bob' Ringwald, was a blind jazz musician.

Another fun fact, reportedly Molly turned down lead roles in Ghost and Pretty Woman - do you think she might regret those choices now?

Molly is also fluent in French and went on to star in several French movies!

2. Judd Nelson

Judd Nelson wasn't the only high achiever in his family - his father was the first Jewish president of the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

Judd starred in movie The Billionaire Boys Club in 1987 - it was well-received and he was nominated for a Golden Globe. However, this movie has since been surrounded in controversy as it was believed to have inspired Lyle and Erik Menendez to kill their parents.

3. Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall is actually named 'Michael Anthony Hall' however, when he began his career there was another actor named 'Michael Hall' on the scene.

Anthony is godfather to Robert Downey Jr's son - Indio Falconer Downey.

4. Ally Sheedy

When Sheedy was 12 years old she published her first book, She was Nice to Mice, which became a best-seller!

Ally used to date the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi - so I'm guessing she's a secret rock girl!

5. Emilio Estevez

You may not know this huge piece of news, but Emilio Estevez is actually Charlie Sheen's brother, and his high-school friends consisted of Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Chad Lowe, and Rob Lowe - boy, don't you wish you were at that school?

Emilio was once engaged to Demi Moore, and was even briefly married to Paula Abdul.

I hope you enjoyed the fun facts; and I hope you enjoy seeing The Breakfast Club on the big screen!


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