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If you hate spoilers I advise you stop reading here.

If your still with me great! Now i'm assuming most have seen last nights episode of The Flash? And if you haven't well I'll get to time travel in a minute. Last night the episode was really based off Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond separation and General Eiling trying to weaponize Fire Storm but is unsuccessful in catching Ronnie and Professor Stein. Joe West takes Barry to the home in which his mother was murdered 15 years ago,Joe shows Barry the evidence he and Cisco found that there was in fact two speedsters there that night. And one of them was Barry not as a child but as an adult,Barry then realises that sometime in the near future he has to go back and stop Man In Yellow but he must change his tactics as he was unable before. Barry goes to Professor Stein and asks if this is even possible to go back to the past,Stein tells him that it is possible but he would have to go so fast that he would break a hole in the space time continuim. Dr Wells invites Stein over for a drink but spikes Steins drink so he would pass out and General Eiling could take what he thought was Fire Storm and unleash him. Eiling then takes Stein to a military base and begins to torture him to bring out Fire Storm,Ronnie begins to feel what Stein is feeling and uses their connection to find him. Barry and Ronnie run to save Stein and Barry gets hit with strong doses of Ph and has to dose the flames,while this is happening Stein and Ronnie fuse again to make Fire Storm but this time Ronnie is in control.After all this has happened Ronnie and Stein go off and find more answers about their condition.Man In yellow appears at the end of the show and grabs General Eiling and brings him to a sewer, Man In Yellow takes down his hood and we see his face,this is the face of Dr Harrison Wells while they talk Eiling begins to hear voices in his head this be the voice of Gorilla Grodd who then takes Eiling and drags him away. That was a total summary of what happened last night and I think this episode was amazing!! We don't learn anything new about time travel except that Barry knows he went into the past before and will try again,I think the time travelling episode will be called ''Paradox'' because maybe Barry will beat Man In Yellow and maybe this time he will win.


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