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This film are cult, black comedy and very SICK. Christian Bale was really sick here. This film is one of the best films of Christian Bale or .. I must say this is the best.

Synopsis Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), a young executive who works in the acquisition company, Pierce & Pierce. He has a luxury lifestyle from luxury food, body care, suits and live in luxury apartments in New York. Behind all its perfection, he is a psychopath who kills prostitutes and beggars. In addition, she likes rough sex.

From synopsis, it’s pretty obvious right. In this film, graphically how the greedy and young executives only care with their money. They are so arrogant and often assume others low. The film is at once a real portrait of urban residents. Frankly I really like the character of Patrick Bateman premises. He has good taste, very neat and orderly. It is unique from it other than the nature of the psychopath, before killing people he likes talking about music and his favorite song. The most frequently parodied was when he killed Paul Allen (Jared Letto).

The most famous from American Psycho are the speech from Patrick Bateman about everything around him and a certain scene like scene cards, early scene when he was preparing to work, and of course the ambigous ending and is still being debated.

The film is almost perfect from every aspect such as dialogue, acting, and music! Especially music! I Guaranteed if you hear a song Huey Lewis and the News, Hip to be Square, you want craze. It is Likewise with Phill Collins’ song, Sussuido.


To enhance the role of Patrick Bateman, Christian Bale exercising 3 hours a day in order to get a perfect body. At first, the role of Patrick Bateman was for Leonardo DiCaprio. But he withdrew from the project and the role given to Christian Bale.

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