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Young people! Do you really have any idea of who you are watching on "The Flash"? He's just not some well known actor from the past who's washed up and needs a job on a current hot show. NO!!! You are watching THE VICTOR GARBER!!!

You are looking at one of the finest actors who covers every area and place of acting in Television, Movies, Broadway and it just doesn't stop. What an absolute TREAT you have to have him so humbly join this comic book show and play SUCH an awesome character, Dr. Martin Stein, who's the other half of Firestorm!!!

I liked The Flash before but now I"m GLUED! I just want to yell in my room, "Everybody be quiet, let Victor Garber talk!"

Dr. Martin Stein/ Firestorm. What a great casting call! I cannot begin to list his resume. But for you folks who may be just getting to know him because of this show. I'll take you back to my journey of knowing him in famous roles. Starting with, yes, just as the title shares, Super Jesus Clown Man! Yes, that's what he was, playing the hippy Jesus in the movie version of Godspell in the '70s! He had a super-cute '70s charm that helped launch that musical into a broader fame. He made Jesus seem "fun" as opposed to the more serious Jesus of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Those who got inspired to go see a live production of Godspell will always tell you, it's one of the FUNNEST musicals ever. I saw a revival at the Lamb's theater in New York in the late '80s. I went back several times and volunteered to usher. Here's Victor Garber's iconic Godspell look:

Check out his baptism:

The other GREAT show I got to see Victor Garber live in was in the Broadway play "Lend Me a Tenor" which currently stands as my favorite Broadway play to date. Nothing has taken it's place. It was the funnest, funniest thing I have ever seen. Victor did receive a Tony nomination which he should have won. Again, this is just one of many Broadway roles but the one that has carried his acting brilliance along in my memory. I will not spoil what this show's about but you can read the synopsis in Wikipedia.

Be sure to check out his resume of work. Titanic and Alias are his other biggies!

So now, we are to "The Flash". He does Dr. Martin Stein SO WELL! SO, SO WELL!

A great actor on the side of comics and superheros! Well, look at his first movie role long ago in Godspell! He has just come home to his roots it seems! Shhhhh, be quiet! "Let Victor Garber talk!"


What's your favorite Victor Garber role?


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