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If you know me, you know that I don't scare that easily and I'm not sure what it was about this movie but I was on edge throughout - not helped by someone knocking on the door halfway through a tense moment, or seeing my dog running past in my peripheral vision.

What's good?

The storyline; there are a few flaws that I will highlight in the What's Bad section below, but in all fairness this movie hangs together pretty well - they wrap up all lost ends and string together a fairly decent plot, which we all know (no matter how much we love them) is rare in a horror movie.

The cast; the acting is great, and believable, which is something I haven't seen in a horror for a while.

The 'evil'; the monster/evil in this movie is genuinely frightening. At first it seems a little lame "not another possession movie" you may say, but it's actually pretty freaky. This could be due to the possessed person using his will to get others to act for him and how he is out and about walking around in public, rather than being a young girl or child bed-bound due to being possessed.

What's bad?

The storyline; as much as the storyline holds together well, there are a few moments of weakness throughout . Such as, the exorcism scene - yes, it seems more realistic but it's over too soon. Secondly, there is potential for great humour when a gentleman at the police station where the exorcism is taking place (seemingly a criminal) can view the whole scene via the two-way mirror, and yet we only see his reactions a couple of times.

The cast; I'm not a fan of the young woman playing the possessed Claudia, as I found her wide eyed 'I'm possessed' look to be a little over the top. Other than that, she was great.

The 'evil'; one thing that isn't covered in this movie very thoroughly is how the possession began - yes, we saw it take place whilst the soldiers were deployed, but why - was the cave they entered a significant place of worship, or was there a tragedy here?

Worth a watch?

Absolutely! One of the better movies I have seen this month, and I definitely recommend it to any horror fans.

Take a peak at the trailer;


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