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The Doll Squad, 1973

Before Charle's Angels there was The Doll Squad. This 70s all female Expendables precursor showcases the most awkward uses of firearms and unnecessary bikini shots. When the job is this tough and no man is man enough, the government impressed by Q style gadgets such as lipstick recorders and highly concentrated mace packed into a ring, call on a bunch of slender women to save the day. The Doll Squad joins the line of many films that attempt to proove the ladies are just as tough as the men - film falls firmly in the category of being so bad its actually good.

Director: Ted V. Mikels

Writers: Jack Richesin, Pam Eddy and Ted V. Mikels

Stars: Michael Ansara, Francine York, Anthony Eisley

Trivia: Sissy "Carrie" Spacek auditioned to be one of the un unrememberable Dolls - she later failed to be cast as Princess Leia - one of these roles she really regrets not getting.

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Which of the Doll Squad's gadgets would you take on a mission take down a man hell bend on world domination.


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