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One, read this comic, two why are you wasting time reading this review when you could be enjoying a good comic book? Hehe I kid, I kid... kinda. Sup guys this review will be short, to the point and spoiler free. When something is enjoyable you want others to have the same experience. Peter Tomasi and Doug are taking Superman and Wonder Woman somewhere and the rabbit hole is going somewhere sweet.

Above you see a quote from Wonder Woman directed to Circe, who really looks good with red hair and freaky gold and black eyes. Diana trust only one other... is he big, favorite color is blue, like capes, writing, sweet charming and has amazing man eyebrows? Peter is crafting an intricate story with a serious theme of trust in his first SMWW arc.

"...Without trust there is no love..."

This issue takes this theme to a whole new level but we need to go back to the FUTURE...Well to the past but you feel me because a lack of faith and trust got us in this whole mess. Little David's lack of faith in the Justice League because of the loss of his family at the hands of the parademons or Circe's in will... anyone... She should really talk to her therapist about that holding on to anger thing, its a killer... We all know revenge is a dish best served cold but a 3,000 plus year old grudge is probably more like dust by now. hehe. In the vacuum of trust and faith hate and bitterness will fill the void. Both Magog and Circe have plenty those to spare and then some. Unlike their advisories Superman and Wonder Woman trust and faith in each other. Leg up goes to the trusting people.

New factor also pops up onto the scene... Room full of a bunch of TV screens, big omnius chair... being all kinds of cryptic... I think either Mr. Burns or the Architect from the Matrix has just shown up to cause some trouble for our power couple come June! Excellent!

What doesn't kills you just makes you stronger. I kinda almost feel bad for Circe because she's broke the one rule....NEVER MISS WITH SUPERMAN... HIS BOO WONDER WOMAN REALLY DOESN'T LIKE IT... Someone is about to have to fight in the shade come next month.

Full of action and great art SMWW#16 doesn't disappoint. Peter has found his Wonder Woman voice, it took sometime but good things come to fans who wait. Beside every great Superman there is a badder ass Amazon kicking more butt and being fabulous as she does it. So go read it! You don't have to take my word for it.

Oh that stupid number rating again... let's say it was Godzilla killing Muto awesome so about a ROAR with a burning finisher 9.5... hehe


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