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The CW and DC has hit it's stride with the drama based on one of DC's most recognizable and original Justice Leaguer, The Flash. This television adaption of the beloved hero has started strong with a great cast of actors, great writers, and you get just enough information by the end of the episode to hook you in for next week. This season will no doubt have a cliff hanger finale that will leave fans drooling for more all summer. The series has presumably drawn heavily from the Flashpoint run in DC comics that inspired several alternate earth arcs featuring that realities versions of the original DC line-up in this alternate world. The run has also inspired an animated film, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox which is a fine example of why DC has dominated in superhero animation.


In the Flashpoint event, Barry Allen wakes up in a reality he doesn't fully recognize. He is not the superhero known as the Flash, his nemesis Captain Cold is Central City's hero, and the Justice League doesn't exist. Believing himself to be in an parallel universe, he seeks the help of Batman to recreate the incident that created the Flash. When he arrives at the Batcave, he doesn't find Bruce, but instead a gun totting, very pissed off Thomas Wayne donned in a menacing version of the Batsuit.

Yikes... Those eyes, though...
Yikes... Those eyes, though...

You see, in this reality, Bruce Wayne was the victim in the alley on that fateful night. Thomas, distraught over the death of his son beats the attacker Joe Chill to death, and Martha absolutely loses her shit ad becomes the Joker, who in this world blames Thomas for Bruces death. She in turn becomes an ever living thorn in Batman's side, often committing terrible crimes involving children and families. Batman struggles with ending the Joker in this universe not out of some sense of justice, but instead because his guilt and love for his wife. This is a fascinating side story and as a huge Batman fan I highly recommend that if you get the chance to read Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #'s 1, 2, and 3.

Damn, and we thought Bruce had it rough...
Damn, and we thought Bruce had it rough...

I won't spoil how that all ends, since this is a Flash post and all.

Barry convinces this Batman that he isn't bat sh!t crazy (no pun intended) by explaining that in his timeline Bruce survived, and that instead Thomas and Martha were the ones that were killed. Convinced that resetting the timeline will undo Bruce's death and make things right, Thomas agrees to help.

Batman and Barry are able to recreate the conditions that gave Barry his super speed with their second attempt. Flash's memories begin to change, causing him to remember the events of this reality and realizes he is in alternate timeline not a parallel universe. Flash discovers his suit has been switched for Thawne's Reverse Flash suit and concludes that Reverse Flash was able to go back in time and cause the Justice League to have never been created. They contact Cyborg who has orders to form a team of heroes in response to a major war forming in Europe between Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman and her Amazons.

In this reality, Since the Justice League never formed, there was no treaty between Atlantis and the surface world, and Themyscara was also unchecked. Aquaman and Wonder Woman had arranged to marry and expose both Atlantis and Themyscara to the surface world, after a plot devised by Ocean Master and Artemis to kill Diana but instead resulted in the death of her mother Hippolyta, Thinking it was an attempt by Atlantis to begin a war. Mera confronts the Amazonian Warrior during battle. Wonder Woman does not back down and a fight ensues, the result of which is Wonder Woman killing and beheading the Atlantean queen and donning her trademark helmet. The animated telling works in an affair in place of the marriage and Mera's actions are in jealousy, and her death directly causes the war.


Flash and the rest set out to find Project "Superman" to free the Kryptonian Kal-El, who had crashed years ago, not in Smallville but instead in the city of Metropolis. Kept from sunlight and human contact, Batman is less than impressed with what they find, and after the escape, after absorbing yellow un for the first time, Kal seemingly flees, flying away. Cyborg's mission now a bust, and a mole discovered within their ranks, Cyborg is excused from his duty, and things get worse for Barry as his memories continue to change.

Flash, Batman, and several other heroes including Enchantress, Captain Thunder (this timelines Shazaam) all make their way to New Themyscara to end the fighting. Enchantress is revealed to be the mole in Cyborgs ranks and turns on them resulting in the death of Captain Thunder, and simultaneously incapacitated many of Flash's allies.

Thawne appears, explaining to Barry that it was in fact Barry that created this alternate time line by going back in time to save his mother. Thawne resets Barry's vibrations causing him to remember the point of divergence, when all this started. Thawne became a living paradox and was free to kill Flash, though all the time travel knowledge he possessed didn't stop Batman from plunging a sword through Reverse Flash's heart (or shoots him clean through the head, as Batman does in the animation) killing the monologue-ing villian.

BOOM! Headshot!
BOOM! Headshot!

After Kal-El reappears to help in the fight, and a seismic event threatens the entire coastline with annihilation, Batman tells Barry he must fix the timeline to save the world and gives Barry a letter addressed to his son from the original timeline.

Barry goes back to the moment he stopped Reverse flash from killing his mother and fused with his passed self to allow the events to occur as they were meant to.


Ok so, that was a long explanation of what the Flashpoint arc was all about, and for reasons that I'm sure that everyone will be posting in the comment feed, it is unlikely that this is the direction the CW is going with the Flash. However there is one thing I left out.

So at the very end of Flashpoint as Barry is returning to his original timeline, he is meet by a hooded figure named Pandora. Barry can see three timelines that correspond with three of the alternate realities known to readers, those being New Earth (DC), Earth-15 (Vertigo) and Earth-13 (WildStorm). Pandora explains that an impending evil will require the combined efforts of these three universes to and that they were separated to weaken them.


You tell me, I have no idea...

As we saw in the most recent episode, Barry has discovered at the time of his mother's death he in fact was in the room with Reverse Flash. This is confirmed due to a sample of Barry's blood recovered by Cisqo and Detective West. Blood that due to certain proteins present in only the blood of an adult, means Barry will at some point travel back to stop the murder of his mother. Or does it?

One possibility is the writers could also slightly rewrite the original concept and make Robert Queen the one to help him in the alternate reality. I highly doubt this to be the route they take, but I could see them creating an alternate reality where Robert survived and Oliver drowned right away. Barry goes looking for Ollie and finds Robert.

Oh snap! Check those Photoshop skillzzz!
Oh snap! Check those Photoshop skillzzz!

Please hold your applause.

In this timeline Thea was "Speedy" and Moira could be the Al Sahir, Merlin having not lost his wife, and Moira having found out Roberts apparent "death" being caused by corporate espionage she dons the black hood as Al Sahir and vows to eliminate those on the list she keeps, while Robert works as the Arrow, to prevent Moira's plot to destroy the Financial District, rather than the Glades.

One mo 'gain!
One mo 'gain!

Okay, I couldn't Resist

Events occur similarly in this timeline, except Moira kills Thea in the collapse of the Financial District and escapes, becoming more fractured and disappears. Laurel is the DA in charge of the Moira Queen case, but can't seem to shake her addictions.

Barry can go to Robert and explain, the same way done with Thomas Wayne and explain his situation, what life is like where he is from and how Oliver in his timeline is the Arrow. He tells him all that he knows and Robert wants to help. Barry needs Roberts companies resources to create a scaled down version of the STAR labs explosion, so hoping she is still brilliant he starts by recruiting Felicity Smoak and Queen consolidated head of R&D Ray Palmer. They use Ray's technology to create the event and give Barry his powers. This all in time to deal with the League of Assassins attack on Starling City.

Barry tries to help save the day and just as all appears to be lost Wells returns and tells Barry that he did this by going back and changing the past. As with the original story Barry returns to the past to correct his wrongs and all is well, but not before Flash tells Ollie his father too fought for his city, and hands Ollie a tablet that has a video from his father.

Or ya know, something like that.

We'll all see where the show takes us and how many more heroes we will get to see on the show... Tell me what you all think!


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