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When things aren't going your way, it just feels like the world is out to get you... Which is exactly how this gentleman feels!

In a bad case of wrong place, wrong time, a man who REALLY didn't want to be caught watching 50 shades of Grey by himself, was left rather red-faced and embarrassed when he unknowingly walks face first into a TV crew covering the event!

The man - who obviously had went to see the erotic film by himself - spots the camera too late and awkwardly shimmies back towards the exit, past the ensue of female audience members. Upon realizing that he's already been caught, he admits defeat and attempts to hide his face whilst quickly scuttling past the TV crew.

Captured by Danish news channel TV2 Nord, the station is interviewing a female audience member about her thoughts on the controverial film. Uploaded to YouTube on the 17th of Feb, the video has already amassed over 500, 000 hits!

Unfortunately for the ill-timed gentleman, it appears that his slip up has went viral!


Have YOU seen 50 Shades of Grey yet?


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