ByIcekingDee P Petty, writer at

First off I want to say I love what they're doing with Firestorm. I am glad that Ronnie and Professor Stein finally split back into two. And I'm glad that they can see what happened the night Barry's mom died. I am glad they are finnally discussing time travel. Maybe eventually later down the line leading up to flashpoint .Loving Barry's new girlfriend not a fan of Iris .Last week it looked like she broke them up on purpose. And then it looks like Iris was jealous. And when he got mad at her for saying to his new girlfriend that he still had feelings for her and Barry told her that those feelings weren't there anymore. And now its like Ronnie and Stein are spilt but the same person. And now we find out that Eileng knows Barry is the flash .And wow now Wells drugged Stein and handed him over to Eiling. Eiling is getting really advanced weapons.I love how Ronnie and Stein can merge or unmerge when they need to. Now they're leaving hope they'll be back soon. Love grodds look .And how wells said I take care of my own. And then gave Eiling to grodd . Then Eiling said dear God and grodd said not god grodd . I love that line not god , grodd. Can't wait for next week's episode


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