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Well, well we meet again my diamond in the rough! Hope you all are having a Super/Wonderful NCBD! Let's do this Wonder Woman review!

Man don't you love that feeling you get inside when people have to eat their naysaying words about something being horrible and destroying an icon? Them reprints of WW #38:) Who needs untouchable icons when you can have depth of character and feel a heroes joys and pains. Meredith and David Finch, the power couple behind Wonder Woman, are slaying it like Bey and Jay this month. They are taking no prisoners and going full steam ahead in crafting not just the Icon Wonder Woman but the Woman behind the Wonder. Danger Will Robinson this is a warning of the spoiler kind: Gonna keep this kinda spoiler free for the most part but one very important piece has to be a little spoiled.

From the issue I kinda see where Meredith is taking us. Her run feels like its gonna be a tale of redemption. Of the Amazons, of Queen Hippolyta and of Diana herself. As we have seen in the last issue the burden of being the God of War is starting to take its toll on her. Dreams of blood, death and loss haunt her. The loss of so many at the hands of that monster in the tunnels causes her to lash out in anger. So much death, so much loss can wear even a Wonder Woman down.

She has lost herself. SPOILER ALERT!

As she stand on the shore of Themyscira she gets a visit from a her mother Hippolyta spirit. Her mother has seen Diana's pain and struggles.

Lyta said, "You lash out not because you are the God of War. You're are lashing out because that's what you've been trained to do."

Conflict is in her blood. Diana must conquer it. Whether a queen or war Lyta tells Diana that being War didn't take anything from her. Stopping conflict is her job no matter what title she cares. You kind of get the feeling Lyta sees the errors of her ways. Her time as stone has allowed her to really reflect on her decisions she made as queen. She let her fear guide her and she doesn't want Diana to follow her path. Lyta has become apart of Themyscira itself and sees the conflict brewing between old ways and the new. Diana is the beckon change the Amazons. She is the mediator between worlds. Lyta sees it and in time Diana will find her place.

A storm is coming to Paradise the real question is can Wonder Woman conquer her own fear of loss of self, defeat Donna and save her sister from their own mental bondage of hate and mistrust? Diana's inward battle has begun to spill out on to Themyscira spells some serious action coming next month.

Good action and heart in this issue. David did a fabulous job making Diana look absolutely stunning. Superman as a lil on the lean side but his boyish charm wins you over. I love seeing heroes feel. It makes even a goddess seem human. Meredith makes Wonder Woman relatable on a personal level. As a women I feel overwhelmed, have good days and bad. I want to whip ass and cry at the same time. Them bugs Diana I feel you.... I don't do bugs... NASTIES! hehe. Just imagine the loss she has seen. Her job is to protecting people. How can she protect people when she can't even trust herself? Is it March yet?

Yeah number ratings... stupid but lets give this a Ripley from Aliens in the mech suit awesome or 9.6.


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