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As we've seen 'The Fallout' episode, i've made a conclusion that i will never stick to another show like this one. It seems to be so addicting, but the CW keep taking breaks, as the next episode of The Flash titled as 'Out of Time' will be aired after a month, i.e. 17th March,2015. That's unfair and long as hell.

Anyways, the 14th Episode was epic and left a lot of questions in our mind. I call this - The Multiple Body Theorem. Harrison Wells is the Reverse flash but how is it possible to be both, The Reverse Flash and Dr. Wells at the same time? There is an answer to it if you look carefully at the trailer of 'Out of Time' at 0:23, Dr. Wells is shown revealing his presence at two places at the same time to Cisco. Here, it is :

So, this is crystal clear that Dr. Wells is the Man in Yellow or The Reverse Flash. But he is so genius and fast, that he manages to hit himself while being in the suit as the Reverse Flash and getting hit as Dr. Wells at the same time, which happened in front of Joe, Cisco, Eddie and other CCPD guys.

Anyways, the future of Barry Allen varies in different aspects. The introduction of Grodd and Firestorm along with the Time-Travel and Abra-Kadabra hint, the Series continues to hit our minds. Well done DC!

Keep Watching this space for updates. The Flash returns March 17th at CW.


Do you think the upcoming episode will be the beginning of something entirely different?


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