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Who needs an Oscar when Moviepilot is giving away an Xbox One OR a Playstation 4 AND 2 awesome games (carefully selected by our gaming team).

Want to know how YOU can get your hands on this amazing prize?

We don't call you 'Creators' for nothing- this is where you really get the chance to earn your stripes! Write an article on Moviepilot about any of the Oscar nominated movies that you would like to see win! The most creative, original post will win either an Xbox 1 or a Playstation 4 and 2 games- you get to choose the console! Now, we wouldn't want to leave you with such a vague expectation, so we took it upon ourselves to get the creative ball rolling... please don't judge us!

Moviepilot Grand Budapest Hotel Tribute

In case it's unclear (although, how could you ever be confused?), this is the scene we were replicating...

Looking for more inspiration? Here is an awesome example we found on

The Theory of Cuteness

ermagerd the cuteness!
ermagerd the cuteness!


nailed the facial expressions
nailed the facial expressions

Mendel's Madness

ok, who actually made those tiny boxes?
ok, who actually made those tiny boxes?

This is a big prize, so we want to see some real creativity and effort, but if your Community Team can come up with the above "masterpiece" of a vine, then we can probably expect some pretty awesome things from you creative geniuses! We'd love to hear about why you chose that particular movie/ scene/ actor/ quote, and why you want that movie/person to win an Oscar, so if you're thinking of posting a funny picture, meme, a vine, a video- try to combine it with some text for a truly awesome post!

The rules

  • All entries must be received by Sunday 22nd Feb, 12pm ET (i.e. before the Oscars begin)
  • Contest is open to U.S applicants only (sorry!)
  • Entry must be in the form of an article ON Moviepilot, not a link to another site or a comment
  • Entry must be a new post- no resubmissions of older posts please
  • Tag your post with Contest and share the link in the comments section of this post
  • Any questions about the contest, please contact: [email protected]

*By entering into the contest you verify that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions!

Let's do this guys! So excited to see what you come up with!


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