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Yesterday, i went to the theaters to watch the film adaptation of the book "50 shades of Grey" from E. L. James. To mention i haven't read the book, so my comments are strictly related with the content in within the movie such as the soundtrack, the photography and the acting performance of the main characters from the books. First of all i truly believed the personifications of the actors portraying their characters, as well the way they developed their feelings and desires, this two things help a lot the movie pace nevertheless the poor reference provided by the book. Also related with the topic of BDSM relationships the film as well as the books shows a blink of all the universe of technics, artifacts and possitions used for this type of intercourse without getting in to deep of the theme. Talking about the music score and the soundtrack, this features were one of the strong cards that the film provides to enjoy it more. In resume the movie has good points in general but it fails to offer something new to the viewers for my own perspective.

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