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Green Lantern remains the only Justice League member on DC's film schedule that hasn't been cast yet. Which makes sense on one hand, as his solo film isn't until 2020 (why must it be so long...) but it has lead many fans of the character, myself included, to wonder if it's because we're getting something a little different with this take of the defender of space sector 2814.

So allow me to run down the six Lantern's we could see in Justice League...

Option 1: HAL JORDAN

Hal Jordan: Smirking since the 50s
Hal Jordan: Smirking since the 50s

After all, the most well known iteration of the character is the one that would undoubtedly be the biggest pull for people not so well versed in the DC universe, and Hal Jordan is pretty awesome after all. As a pilot who stumbles across the dying body of Green Lantern Abin Sur and is granted a power ring due to his lack of fear; he's been the most loved Corps member ever since being introduced. To the point that people campaigned for 10 years to have him reinstated as the Green Lantern when he was given some time out as a villain. However, people still have a bitter taste in their mouth after the misfire that was the 2011 Green Lantern film. They would also probably have to re-cast Ryan Reynolds, despite him not being all that bad in the film, as he is currently working with Fox on 'Deadpool' and I would imagine that DC want to sever all ties with that film. This option is a highly viable one, and arguably the favorite purely due to the namepower that he brings, but he's far from what you'd call the fan's choice.


John Stewart: badassing since the 70s
John Stewart: badassing since the 70s

This one makes a lot of sense in almost every way. First of all, he would add some more diversity to DC's line-up, which it could use even though it's not as whitewashed as Marvel's. Then there's the fact that a generation of people were raised on the Justice League [Unlimited] cartoon shows and as a result, a surprisingly large contingency of people have grown up convinced that Green Lantern just always has been black. On top of all that there's the fact that John Stewart is just an all-round cool guy. A military veteran chosen as one of Hal Jordan's back-ups, he was then chosen to be a full time corps member after Hal took that aformentioned vacation as a bad guy. Ever since then, John Stewart has been a highly popular recurring character, and for good reason. His forward and blunt yet kind demeanor make him instantly likeable and his no-nonsense attitude to space policing (pictured above) due to his military background give him the feeling of someone who you'd really want as the protector of your planet.

Option 3: Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner: jerking off since the 60s
Guy Gardner: jerking off since the 60s

Guy Gardner was actually another candidate that Abin Sur's ring found to be a successor to the mantle of Green Lantern. He's generally portrayed as fairly arrogant and rash, which actually leads to some brilliant encounters with the Justice League, especially with Batman. But then again, you wouldn't be the nicest guy on the planet if your mother gave you a bowl cut like that. Guy Gardner is a fun character, and seeing him appear would be awesome, but I don't see him being given a shot at the big screen due to his lack of exposure outside comics. The most love he ever got was in the cancelled Green Lantern animated series. Still, in the New 52 he becomes a Red Lantern, controlling the power of rage, which has been interesting. So if we ever do get him on-screen, that's a route I'd like to see happen.

Option 4: Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner: making bad fashion calls since the 90s
Kyle Rayner: making bad fashion calls since the 90s

Kyle has always been one of my personal favorite characters thanks to his everyman persona being accelerated to last guardian of the universe making him an incredibly relatable and compelling character. Then there's the fact that he's a graphic artist. Which means that he has imagination and creativity levels that are, compared to his predecessors, off the charts. And it's thanks to this that he makes a much better Lantern than any other member of the corps, using his skills to assert better control over his powers and create better weapons out of his willpower. Unfortunately, Kyle's chances of being in either Justice League movies are slim to none. He just doesn't have any brand recognition and he was panned by fans for the time he was given a shot as our main Lantern because everyone was so desperate to get Hal Jordan back. And that sucks.

Option 5: Alan Scott

Alan Scott: looking stupid since the 40s
Alan Scott: looking stupid since the 40s

Little known fact: Hal Jordan is not the original Green Lantern, this guy is. Yep, Alan Scott first made his debut 75 years back in the golden age of superheroes, and while the idea of the Lantern ring has endured since then, the character hasn't fared quite so well, although he crops up every now and then and was even given a proper uniform recently. Back in those days, Scott fought mostly against earthbound criminals, as his powers were given to him by a meteorite and there was no extra-terrestrial connection. This has been retconned multiple times over time, but what hasn't changed is that Scott is a fun but not particularly interesting character. His camp, over the top attitude is amusing and enjoyable but there's not much actual depth to the character. So no, don't expect this guy to show up in DC's movie-verse. Ever. Unless it's an Easter-egg of some sorts.

Option 6: Simon Baz

Simon Baz: short sleeved in space since 2012
Simon Baz: short sleeved in space since 2012

Ok, yeah. We're digging deep here. Simon was only introduced in 2012, but damn was he awesome. A Lebanese-American who was bullied for his ethnicity and who started going down a dark road. After an act of heroism makes it appear as if he's a terrorist, he is saved from the authorities by a Lantern ring. Specifically Hal Jordan and Sinestro's fused together and slightly broken power ring. This leads the Justice League to suspect that he has kidnapped Hal, which, as you can imagine, was quite awkward. These scenes where he confronts the League are absolute gold as Siman has idolized Batman and Superman all his life yet still possesses just the right amount of arrogance to hold his own in a verbal joust with them. This would probably make an interesting section to one of the Justice League sequels though as it needs both Hal Jordan (or just any previous Lantern) as well as an established League to work. Sadly though, I can't see Warner Bros. bringing him in until further down the road due to how new the character is, but he's been well recieved enough, and carries enough political subtext that they may think about introducing him later down the line.

Option 7/8

Keen readers will have noticed that at the start I said I would run down the six Green Lanterns that we could see, and I have. So how can there be two more options? Well, option 7 is in fact, the idea that they could all show up. It's incredibly unlikely, but wouldn't it be amazing if, half way through an early battle, six Green Lanterns showed up and kicked some serious ass.
Then there's option 8: none of them. Maybe DC are giving the character a rest until his solo film when they blow the doors open with his very own intergalactic adventure. It would be a shame to miss out on the space adventures of the Laegue until 2020, but part one will probably be an invasion of Earth anyway, and there's plenty of things that DC can do in part 2 that would fill that hole nicely.


Before I give my verdict though, just to give special mentions to Jade and Jediah Caul, who have both been Green Lanterns of Earth at some stage, but not to the extent that any of the above charcaters have. But anyways...

Personally, I want to see John Stewart introduced in one of the Justice League films, and then have the solo film actually centre around the whole Green Lantern Corps, preferably depicting the Sinestro Corps war (because we don't really need a Sinestro origin if we're honest). But though that's my preference, there are about ten other ways this could turn out that would still get me really excited.

Wrapping Up...

Thanks for reading guys, for more geeky goodness check out my YouTube channel: Eneition, where we talk about all kinds of movie and TV related stuff. But until next time guys, enjoy your lives.


Which Green Lantern do you want to see in Justice League?


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