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With the existence of The Flash known to the residents of Central City, It appears that metahumans will leave and popup elsewhere in order to avoid confrontation with The Flash. According to IGN, Doug Jones is set to appear as the villainous Deathbolt, the very first evil metahuman to go up against The Arrow.

According to, Deathbolt is a villain that debuted in All-Star Squadron #21 in 1983. Deathbolt was known as "the living battery" because he had the ability to control electricity, much like Blackout, who appeared in The Flash episode, "Power Outage." In this variation, he will instead have the power to control plasma energy.

With the recent tease by Firestorm actor, Robbie Amell, is it possible that Deathbolt will be the reason why Firestorm and The Arrow team up?

Jones has appeared in a variety in films, including, The Silver Surfer, Hellboy and Hellboy II. Jones is set to appear in the 19th episode of Arrow, "Broken Arrow".

[Arrow](series:720988) airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.


Are you excited for The Arrow's first confrontation with a evil metahuman?


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