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It's been known for some time now that the auxiliary "X-Men" character; Colossus, would be making an appearance in the upcoming "Deadpool" stand alone film, but will actor Daniel Cudmore be returning to the role?

Cudmore took to his Twitter to announce that he will not be returning to the role unfortunately, and that a new actor will be playing the character that he has played in three previous X-Men films.

Colossus has never been given the right amount of attention he deserves in the X-Men films, he helps out in some of the fights but no character has even been given to him. I'm hoping with his appearance in "[Deadpool](movie:38663)" we'll get more of a personality from the steel skinned mutant. Of course because Daniel Cudmore never got much to do in the films replacing him won't be a huge issue, but as a life long fan of the X-Men films I do find it unfortunate that Cudmore is being replaced.

What his replacement says to me is that Fox don't have much faith in Cudmore as an actor and they want Colossus to have a much larger role than he has done before. I don't think audiences are going to take much notice as he has always had a small role.

What do you guys think? Comment below and let me know what you think of Colossus being replaced!

"Deadpool" is hitting theaters on February 12th 2016!

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