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The harrowing story of Severus Snape...

In the midst of all the Harry Potter spin-off chatter, the story I would like to see in more detail is that of Severus Snape, perhaps told in a Superhero theme.

We've already read about sections of his life over the last three books or seen them as flashbacks in the movies, however, at the risk of sounding spoiled and childish - I. Want. More.

And I want it to be dark.

A quick history of Snape's childhood:

Born to a muggle father and a witch mother, Snape is that supposedly abhorrent 'half-blood', which was bound to weigh heavily on him as a child in school. The books and movies hint at the fact that Snape was neglected by his parents and grew up in a dysfunctional family; making him excited to leave his home and move on to Hogwarts.

How it could be translated into a Superhero movie:

Snape's parents were bad people; bad to him, bad to others (think torture using magic and torture using 'muggle' instruments, and lots and lots of drugs). Then one day their wretched behaviour catches up to them in the form of a long standing enemy who manages to kill Snape's muggle father, and burn his witch mother at the stake - with Snape witnessing the whole thing. Once this tragedy (?) is over, Snape's attendance is requested at Hogwarts school, and he jumps at the chance to get away from his empty home that wreaks of bad memories and death.

A history of Snape's schooling:

Snape excels at potion-making and many other things whilst at school, but he is a loner, with Harry Potter's father poking fun at him every chance he gets. He's Dumbledore's "teacher's pet", and tries his hand at many academic clubs.

How it could be translated into a Superhero movie:

He has a natural gift for potion-making, which, along with his withdrawn attitude, creates a dislike for him within other students. He is bullied badly, but still has his good heart which Dumbledore sees. Therefore, his only solace is with this new mentor (and only adult to care for him), but this sadly gets misconstrued by not only students but also the other teachers - causing Dumbledore and Snape to keep their distance from one another and only communicate via secret, coded letters.

A history of Snape's love life:

As Severus Snape is so withdrawn, he doesn't get much attention from young girls, who - to be fair to most guys - find arrogance attractive when they are 12. However, Snape lived near Lily Evans (Harry's mum) when they were children, and he fell in love with her. This is quite a sad story as it is, due to the fact that Lily doesn't reciprocate these feelings and ends up dating Harry's dad.

How it could be translated into a Superhero movie:

Severus and Lily have a great bond during their childhood, as she cares for him when his parent's have decided they don't like him that day (if you know what I mean), and so he falls in love with her, and she loves him but is young and confused. When they start Hogwarts they are inseparable, however, Lily is a social butterfly and Snape just wants to live in his own world of potion-making and being with Lily. Harry's dad (who bullies Snape) comes on the scene, and slowly turns Lily against him, destroying their friendship and keeping her for himself. When Lily and Harry's father marry and have their son, Lily realises the wrong she has done Snape and so asks him to look after her son should anything happen to her.

Other things that should be in this superhero version:

1. Snape being a complete vigilante - hunting down evil witches and wizards, as well as Death Eaters (it would be interesting to see him preparing himself for this as a teen after his rejection from Lily - perhaps as a montage).

2. Dumbledore and Snape team up - Dumbledore would be Charlie and Snape would be his Angel.

3. Going to the dark side - Snape gets the unique opportunity to become a double agent, spying on those on the darkside whilst still working with Dumbledore (the way he already does in the book, but to see this situation unfold would be interesting).

The climactic ending:

I feel the ending of Snape and the situations that unfold in the Harry Potter series should stay the same - they are the inspiration and the birthplace of Snape's character, so that is his story. However, I think the ending for Snape's Superhero movie should end on the moment he first sees Harry Potter at Hogwarts and knows that as much as he hates this child, he loves the little bit of Lily in him also.


What do you think - should Snape's life be made into a Superhero movie?


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