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Black Samurai, 1977

Combing Blaxploitation, with James Bond and martial arts with a 70s flavour.

So, the big problem with films that rely too much on fighting to sell the movie is that they have to find away to move from fight to as quickly as possible. 'Enter the Dragon' makes it easy by having a tournament, but in Black Samurai Jim Kelly just goes through an endless number of bad guys who appear in many different guises, but some of the munusual foes are cave men, a vulture and no less than three little people - one armed with a whip - none of which provide our hero with much of a challenge. Despite showing off his sword skills, Jim never uses his weapon - instead relying on his fists.

Director: Al Adamson

Writers: B. Readick, Marc Olden

Stars: Jim Kelly, Bill Roy, Roberto Contreras

Trivia: Jim Kelly shot a cameo for 2002 film Undercover Brother, sadly it ended up on the cutting room floor, but it can be found on DVD extras... if for some reason you actually own that film.

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