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That's right folks, everyone's favorite group of technologically inclined heroes might be getting a sequel. Before you start scrambling to check you calendars, just pump the breaks for a second.

It was in an interview with the directors where the topic of a potential sequel was brought up. Nothing definite of course. Basically, the directors would be more than willing to go on another adventure in San Fransokyo.

Typically Disney animated sequels don't get theatrical releases. Except of course the triumph that is Rescuers Down Under. Personally, I'm okay with this practice even if there are some worlds I wish we could revisit. *ahem* Treasure Planet *ahem*.

That's a conversation for another day. Mainly because I got to thinking what a sequel for [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) would look like.

My idea is simple, what would our heroes do without technology? Introduce a villain that is against technology and seeks to destroy it. I mean, the thing basically writes itself.

Now before everyone gets panicked about having a movie without our big marshmallow robot, hear me out. The answer is simple, have him get brainwashed. We saw from Big Hero 6 that turning Baymax into a evil badass is as easy as removing a chip. Well, what if our villain took it one step further and brought him to his side?

Pure badass
Pure badass

Simply put, we meet with our heroes however many years later. Lets say its been 5 years since the last film. They have established themselves as San Fransokyo's heroes and are doing pretty well.

We get a few glimpses of them in action battling some humorously classic, trope villains when they encounter the big baddie for the first time. Some kind of nature/plant based villain who is seeking to avenge mother nature or something.

I am aware that this is not a flower
I am aware that this is not a flower

At some point in the film he releases some spores that infect Baymax and turn him. Halfway or so through the film we see the villains master plan come to pass. A giant EMP flower! Or something that would render technology useless. We then get our heroes struggling to rely on their natural abilities and smarts to circumvent their sudden lack of technology.

Not only does this idea pretty much write itself, it has some serious metaphorical potential. Science is great and this isn't supposed to be anti-tech. Just that the over reliance on outside assistance can be just as bad as under reliance (is that a thing?). After all, what made Big Hero 6 is that it showed kids that science is still cool.

The sequel wouldn't undermine that. It would seek to show both sides of science. The techie side and the biological side. Heck throw in a new hero for them too meet and call the whole thing Big Hero 7.

What do you think? Would you want Big Hero 7?


What do you think? Would you want Big Hero 7


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