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I consider myself a Walking Dead super fan. I’ve been watching the show since the very first episode. When Rick woke up in that hospital, 28 Days Later style, I was hooked. I have followed every twist and turn on the show with rapt attention. (Full disclosure: Okay, okay, maybe I yawned a bit during that long snoozefest of a stretch on Hershel’s farm, but you totally did too, so don’t judge.)

I am so obsessed that I write detailed weekly recaps of the show just so I have more time to obsess over each character arc and plot point.

This is me, happily obsessing.  Photo:
This is me, happily obsessing. Photo:

Yet, I have steadfastly avoided the comics.

Until now.

This super heavy package arrived on my doorstep this morning, and I tore into it with glee.

Hi, new friends!
Hi, new friends!

It’s a veritable treasure trove of rich backstory, amazing artwork, and quality paper. (And I’m a complete sucker for quality paper.) Here’s why I’m going to binge read the hell out of these babies over the next few weeks.

OneTalking Dead alludes to the comics so often that it’s tough for me to not want to search all of the interwebs for answers. If you give this fan a cookie, she's going to want to troll Reddit until her eyeballs fall out.

Two – The show pulls from the comics but adapts with a heavy hand. Comic co-creator Robert Kirkman is on board with the show's writing staff, and seems fully open to the idea of tinkering with his previously published storyline. The Walking Dead doesn’t seem to hew as closely to the source material as, say, the Game of Thrones series, and I like the option of seeing the story play out with similar characters in an alternate version of the same universe.

Three – I like to read, so why not?

Photo Credit: Walking Dead wiki
Photo Credit: Walking Dead wiki

Four - Intricate and moving cells from the comics get their due on the small screen. The TV show has a lot of gorgeously framed moments that I can only imagine are lifted directly from the comics. In some seriously striking cases, they definitely are.

Exhibit A:

Photo Credits: Walking Dead wiki /
Photo Credits: Walking Dead wiki /

And this is only from S1E1. As an avid and close watcher of the show I'm super interested to see what other gems the comics have in store for me.

Five – SPOILER ALERT: I’m terrible at avoiding the comic spoilers anyway. Guess what? You totally are too if you read past ‘spoiler alert.’ I’m sneaky like that. So you should probably go grab the comics too. Let’s be friends.


Do you plan to read the Walking Dead comics?


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