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Joffrey appears to be done with his reign of terror on [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) and the Iron Throne has clearly slipped from his grasp. When he was poisoned, I have to say I was actually a little bit disappointed. I mean, yes I know that while he was alive, he was quite possibly the worst person in Kings Landing. However, he brought to the show a level of entertainment that was unparalleled. I just kept asking myself how someone could be that evil?

I mean, he always had some off-the-cuff crude remarks and punishment for anyone who even so much as looked at him the wrong way and he killed people (or had people killed) on a whim. There were times when even his two biggest supporters, Tywin and Cersei, got fed up with his childish and terrible behavior.

Well now, if you really want to, you can rip apart his limbs one by one, you can bang his head in, you can put him in the mouth of a T-Rex, and you can probably do some even worse stuff to him that I can't write about on here since this statue figure of him is available for purchase. Hey, maybe you liked him? You can put him back on the Iron Throne if you subscribe to some kind of twisted form of justice.

How can you do this? By buying Dark Horse collectible statues that have hit the market. I'm sure Joffrey will be a big seller.

I mean just look at that face...

The photo-realism is undeniable here.

But there are more! You aren't forced into owning Joffrey. There are others...

I think Hodor and Bran might be my next purchase, to be honest. If Littlefinger is your guy, you can get him too. I just don't know who would really be a fan of his - he's just so slimy. A great and dynamic character, for sure, though.

Here's Drogon hanging out with momma Daenerys. This is epic.

There's also Brienne, one of the most noble and brave characters from the entire franchise, if you ask me.

Lastly, we have Tywin Lannister. Another fairly terrible guy, but boy is he smart and strategic. It's too bad that he didn't see his hilarious toilet-seated fate coming, though.

Which one of these collectibles are you most into?


Which of these would you buy?

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