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I am an independent horror filmmaker in NYC. Co-owner of Mass Grave Pictures, and director of the slasher film, Blood Slaughter Massacre. I
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Here we are, with another episode of our recommendations of some awesome stuff we have found on Netflix that we think you should be watching.

The Mario Likes Movies Podcast: Episode #47 - It Came From Netflix 2!

Hot girls + prison + comedy = GOLD
Hot girls + prison + comedy = GOLD

We begin the discussion by talking about the Netflix business model, and how it has changed the current landscape of the Networks, Seasons and TV in general.

While listing countless films and documentaries, we discuss things like The Imposter, From Dusk Till Dawn The Series, and Helix. Moving onto the True Story behind The Amityville Horror, and realize our perceptions of that movie are now forever changed..

so this photo may be total BS?
so this photo may be total BS?

Then spiraling slightly out of control, we end the show discussing American Mary, the plausibility of female serial killers in film, as well as our disdain for how women are portrayed in film as weak and helpless.

it was good.. until the last 10 minutes.
it was good.. until the last 10 minutes.

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they just don't make movies like this anymore..
they just don't make movies like this anymore..


Warren G – Regulate
Richard Cheese – Gin & Juice
Pretty Lights – Vibe Vendetta
Helalyn Flowers – Hybrid Moments (Interface Remix)
Tom Jones – Shes A Lady

episode rundown:

intro, the netflix business model, networks following the trend, the end of TV seasons, future of netflix
orange is the new black, house of cards, hollywood power couples, arrested development, the killing, networks swapping tv shows, firefly, tnt, terra nova, syfy, constantine, dvd sales, bluray sales, tin boxes, dead snow 2, dredd, buying movies, nightbreed directors cut, phantom of the opera, broadway, robert englund, hedwig and the angry inch, john cameron mitchell, how i met your mother, spartacus, bates motel, mash, parks and recreation, sirens, darknet, black mirror, from dusk till dawn the series, helix
dragonheart, chef, stand up comedy, fuck your opinion, horns, joe, the conspiracy, alex jones, david icke, michael moore, bohemian grove, the imposter, please subscribe, the real story the amityville horror, my amityville horror, ed warren, lorraine warren
how the universe works, walking dead, z nation, cosmos, black science man, children of the corn, friday the 13th, invasion of the body snatchers, day of the dead, eating cranberries, silver linings playbook, breeders, the town that dreaded sundown, strange days, frank, detention, hansel and gretel movies, the seasoning house, paranormal house hunters, haunted collector, beyond the black rainbow, flesh for the beast, tsukikos curse,
american mary, spoilers, feminism in movies, female victims, female serial killers,, subscribe, itunes, youtube


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