ByJonathan Sagdahl, writer at

In the new Batman #38 the Joker is an immortal person given the ability by the same source as Vandal Savage and Ra's Al Ghul acquired their immortality. But did Christopher Nolan know this while making the Dark Knight Trilogy? Could he have known?

If you've seen The Dark Knight you can probably remember Alfred Pennyworth telling Bruce about his experience as a solider hunting a bandit in Burma. He talks about how the bandit was robbing caravans with "precious stones" and then throwing them away after he had them.

Does this not sound like the Joker in The Dark Knight where he burns all the money after he has acquired it from the mob? Well yes it could be just a foreshadowing of what is to come in the same movie. Or it could be something that none of us could have known other than people close to the franchise.

This brings me back to my opening statement about the Joker being immortal. Could he have been the Joker before he came to [Gotham](series:1127075)? Well during The Dark Knight many different scenarios of how the Joker came about receiving his scars was told, but all were different from the one before, so there is no way to tell if any one of them is true. However what if it was not just from a domestic dispute between him and his father or mother, but something much deeper. What if he received the scars so long ago he couldn't remember or just didn't care to remember? Or it was a punishment for some crime he committed at some point in his past long ago?

With the new revelation that the Joker is immortal could it be possible that the person that Alfred was taking about was the Joker himself? Could he have been travelling the world trying to cause chaos wherever he went? Was The Dark Knight a glimpse into the past of Batman's villains?


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