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The shadow scout is my favorite hero. Some call him the Batman, with plenty of money to create weapons for justice and keep all the dark secrets of his close super friends near by, perhaps so if they turn against him or society, he can simply destroy them. The Batman as a kid watched a horrible crime being committed in front of him. As an adult, he trained and acquired skills from Ninjas, rogues and scientists to confront the elements of evil, but what does the design of the bat represent in my realm.

The bat is so much more. An enigma for those who question its nature. I believe loyalty lies beneath the spirit of the winged image.

A bat is a mammal, it is warm-blooded and takes care of its young. Bats have to grow up fast, for they are hunters. Some babies start hunting after their first month of life. The nocturnal creature hunts when other predators are deep asleep. They are survivors who can adapt and have not changed much over the centuries. As the hand compliments the artist, a bat has a thumb and four fingers, just like you and me.

Some people believe the ambiguity of the bat is meant to intimidate, but the bat means more than obscurity and fear.

The hidden shape of the wings in the dream world represents freedom. Flying entrancingly through the night, knowing how to strike and perceptively where to land in complete blackness. Finding rest upside down or under the light and showing the manifestation of intuition, that is perhaps my favorite part from the spirit of the bat.

Why a Bat? The cave can answer that question. We all have a cave deep within. We go to it, to hide, replenish, inspect and become stronger.

The Bat is an ancient symbol of rebirth and wisdom. You could say blind wisdom.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released to theaters March 25, 2016. I can't wait to see what the bat will become in the new franchise. Just remember: Good health, tranquility and true friendship is all you need in your cave.



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