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As everyone knows by now, Spider-Man has found a new home. The massive story took the web (no pun intended) by storm as Marvel and Sony announced that Spider-Man would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The iconic hero has been confirmed to make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War and have his own film in July of 2017 where Sony Pictures will still distribute the movie. Though the announcement has died down, you can be sure that many moviegoers will likely pander on Spider-Man's involvement with the MCU. While fans can speculate on many things, perhaps the biggest question right now is who will play the wall crawler? The announcement established that Spider-Man would be rebooted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means that someone new will be donning the mask. While it is unfortunate that Andrew Garfield will not be reprising his role as Peter Parker, the studios' decision in recasting Spider-Man is understandable.

There have been many suggestions of who could be the new Spider-Man. Some have suggest names such as Logan Lerman or Dylan O'Brien to take up the role. Others believe that the new Spider-Man should not be Peter Parker at all but in fact Miles Morales. Needless to say, this Spider-Man situation continues to create speculation, and hopefully we will have an answer soon. In the meantime, I decided to breakdown the casting of Spider-Man and reveal my choice on who should play the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Casting Spider-Man

Before getting into the matter, the first thing to consider is the casting of Spider-Man. It may seem easy, but I feel casting Spider-Man is easier said then done. Peter Parker usually looks and acts awkward, which leads his contrast as when he is Spider-Man as Parker becomes witty and confident. Yet, just because he is known for his sarcasm, this is not to say Spider-Man cannot be serious. Spider-Man has plenty of problems to deal with, which usually leads to tense moments for the character. So when you adapting this character for the big screen, there needs to be a sense of balance in the portrayal. So you would need an actor who is capable at being awkward as well as witty with neither element dominating the other.

Should Spider-Man be Miles Morales?

Since the announcement of Spider-Man joining the MCU, many have wonder that perhaps this new Wall Crawler should not be Peter Parker, but instead fan favorite Miles Morales. Miles continues to grow in popularity as many fans would love to see the character make a film debut. While I too would like to see Miles in the MCU, I feel this is not the right time to bring the character to the silver screen. For starters the studios are planning to reboot Spider-Man so he can fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Marvel and Sony have gone a long way to make this work and if they are going to reboot Spider-Man, then it would seem strange if the movie did not feature Peter Parker. Then there is the matter of Miles' origins. In comics (INCOMING SPOILERS), Miles takes up the mantle of Spider-Man to honor Peter Parker after his death. While characters can be interpreted differently for a movie, Miles' still revolve around Peter Parker. So if the new film were to Miles as Spider-Man in the film oppose to Peter, I feel that it would come off as forced and nonsensical. Again, it would be great to see a film version of Miles Morales, but not with this upcoming film.

So with these factors in mind, it it time to get the matter at hand: who would I pick to play the new Spider-Man? Do I think it would be either Logan Lerman or Dylan O'Brien. While both would be great choices for Peter Parker and I would have no problem if they took up the role, I decided to go with another actor. With the criteria of Spider-Man being portrayed by a younger actor, it did narrow my thought process. However there was a name that came to mind and it was one that many may find surprising. If I were to cast Spider-Man, my pick would be...

Ansel Elgort

For those who do not know, Ansel Elgort is known for his roles in The Divergent Series as well as The Fault in Our Stars. I realize that this is a strange choice but the more I think about Ansel playing Peter Parker, the more it makes sense to me. Elgort has the right build for Spider-Man though he is bit a taller then previous stars playing the character. Then again having the right build is one thing, but being able to pull off a character like Spider-Man is another factor entirely. The question here is could Ansel play Peter Parker? Well he wouldn't be on here if I didn't think he was a suitable candidate. I have only seen Elgort work in the two films he is known for. In Divergent, I was not sold on Elgort's role as it came off as a little flat. Then again this problem could have been the direction of the character; plus Ansel was not the only one who had an underwhelming performance in that film. Then there was The Fault in Our Stars. When playing Augustus, Ansel came off as witty and easily enjoyable; but at the same, Elgort had not issue being dramatic when he needed to be. It was in that performance that gave me the idea that Ansel Elgort could in fact play be Spider-Man. Perhaps it is not a perfect choice, but I think Elgort has the right factors to be a fitting Spider-Man.

It is likely that my choice to play the wall crawler will be wrong and it is definitely possible that many will disagree with me. Yet that is the point of speculation and debate. The casting of Spider-Man could go in a number of ways. Maybe it will be Logan Lerman taking up the role of Peter Parker, or maybe Peter will be played by African American actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever may happen, I can only hope that the next actor to don the red and blue tights will do the Spider-Man mantle justice. Until then, my pick to play Spider-Man is still Ansel Elgort.

Who would pick to play Spider-Man? Give your pick in the comment section.


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