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It's official, the Oscar voting closed early last night. So, only naturally it's time for all extreme movie goers like myself to channel are inner James Berardinelli. For months now I have seen and read numerous articles about the Oscar front runners, and with only 4 days left till the 87th Academy Awards, these are our predictions for this years Oscars. To save everybody's time (and attention spans) will only be predicting the 10 major categories.

The calm before the storm..
The calm before the storm..

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: J.K. Simmons (Whiplash)

Now, this one might be the easiest of them all (Aside from the lego movie, oh wait! what?) Jokes asside, J.K. Simmons (NO kids not the Harry Potter author) gives one of the most risk taking performances this year. At, age 60 Simmons proves he is worthy of prime time roles other than our favorite insurance commercials.

Best Original ScreenPlay: The Grand Budapest Hotel

This, was the first of the nominees I saw this year. Since I saw it at my local theater (which is a big ass AMC, probably not what you're thinking) it set a pretty high standard for all the other nominees. Nothing against these other movies but nothing quite topped what Wes Anderson pulled off with Budapest.

Hopefully she'll walk away with gold, not lilacs.
Hopefully she'll walk away with gold, not lilacs.

Best Supporting Actress: Emma Stone (Birdman)

This is a shot in the wind people, I still think Patricia Arquette will most likely take the crown come Sunday. Personally, I still have to give the upper hand to Emma Stone, she was a shinning voice of reason that really stood out to me in Birdman.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Imitation Game

Damn, this category was the hardest one for me to pick, I cant help but feel for the voters on this one. So, my best guess is as good as anybody at this point. I'm going with the odds for this one!

Seriously, Batfleck.. RUN!!
Seriously, Batfleck.. RUN!!

Best Actress: Rosmunda Pike (Gone Girl)

This, is my upset pick of the night (yeah I know not much of an upset here.) It would be very hard for me to think about Gone Girl walking away empty handed at the Acadmey. Who else than Amazing Amy to bring home the gold for David Finchers team! Now as a man Rosmunda Pike scared the [email protected]#& out of me, she not only mentally dove deep into this role, she physically did too.

Best Animated Feature: How to Train Your Dragon 2

I'm not going to go into much detail with this category, as i'm sure all of you know why. It is very sad to see the Academy look over The Lego Movie, But in all honestly I didn't see much of the nominees aside from How to Train Your Dragon 2. So, my gut goes with the odds on this one.

Best Visual Effects: Guardians of The Galaxy!

Disney should be happy with this one folks! All the money aside, Guardians lives up to every expectation (was there any? aside from us true nerds?) Not many movies could make you feel for a tree and a raccoon. Too sum this up shortly, WE ARE GROOT!

Best Director: Alejandro G. Inarritu (Birdman)

All, five nominees put in fantastic work, but even with all the talent the nominees did there was one that soared above the rest. The was only one nominee who went out there and risked everything, and that's Alejandro G. Inarritu. What Inarritu does is beyond bold, its like watching one continuous Tarantino shot, and its beautiful. Aside from his directing risks he had to convince his cast to do cruel long takes with ease.

Best Film Editing: Boyhood

Does, anyone really think something else is going to win? I didnt think so, now I may not have been blown away with Boyhood, you have to appreciate the 12 year commitment right? Could you imagine editing film from 2007 in 2014? Not fun!

Best Actor: Michael Keaton (Birdman)

Many, months ago I would have bet all of green on Jake Gyllenhaal for his down right intimating performance in Nightcrawler, But its February and we know the nominees so the money is on my back up. Michael Keaton soared above the rest to me, now do I think Birdman is Oscar bait (that's debatable.) Trust me on this though, its damn worthy of every Oscar its nominated for, mainly for every risk its lead role takes. The Oscar has to go to the man with the tighty whiteys and many wigs.

Best Picture: Birdman

Now, its been 34 years since a movie won best picture, and didn't get a film editing nom. But, Birdman is just to good for me to pass up on! It takes every risk a best picture needs to take, and lets not forget that Alejandro has been killing at the Academy in the last couple of years. My bet is on the movie with the long takes, bold acting, and nuked with relevant show business dialogue.

Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman, now once again I only predicted the ten (okay 11) most popular categories. Knowing my luck the Academy will give Boyhood every award and i'll just end up drunk and screaming at the T.V. again. Anyway, here is to another good year of films and lets hope we can see Leo up there next year (who am I kidding?) Well let us know what you guys think (or bash our terrible predictions) who do you predict will win this year? Let us know in the comments below!


Which film do you think will win the most Oscars?


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