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With so many movie franchises returning to the silver screen, it is surprising that there has been no word of a continuation to the Alien franchise. This series needs no introduction when it comes to science fiction as Ridley Scott's Alien made an impression in 1979. So much that the film became a pioneer in the genres of sci-fi and horror. Since the 70's, the Alien franchise has had 5 film to its name with 3 being sequels and 2 being crossovers with Predators. The iconic creatures known as Xenomorphs have not been seen since 2007, or 2012 if you want to count Prometheus. You would think that Fox would be working on a new addition to this 36 year old franchise, and sure enough that does seem to be the case.

About a month ago, director Neill Blomkamp published images dealing with Alien on his Instagram. Because of the director's updates, many suspected that the man behind District 9 would be helming a new Alien film. However, this was just speculation as nothing was confirmed. Yet it seems that the Blomkamp's cryptic posts did have bearing to them. Today, it was revealed that Neill Blomkamp will be directing a new Alien movie. The director posted this image on his Instagram.

After posting this update, Fox has confirmed the news to be true as Neill Blomkamp will direct Alien 5. So Alien fans can rejoice as the Xenomorphs are coming back to the big screen in the near future. As of right now, there is nothing more on the film's production; which gives us all the more reason to speculate on latest installment to Aliens.

With this film being a continuation to the original Alien franchise, some are probably wondering how this film is going to work? The last film in the sci-fi horror franchise was Alien: Resurrection. While many would like to forget that film, some cannot help but wonder if this new film continues where Resurrection left off. While it is still early, it would not be shocking if this movie works as a retcon and ignores the events of both Alien 3 and Alien:Resurrection. This move would help clarify Sigourney Weaver's involvement as it has been rumor that the actress will reprise her role as Ellen Ripley. Then again, if this film were to continue from it predecessors, the movie could still work. Trying to continue from the events of Resurrection would be difficult, but it would not be impossible. Granted [Alien 5](movie:1468950) would likely make little reference to its predecessor, but perhaps the filmmakers could find a way to insinuate that the events to Resurrection did happen which would make this new movie an authentic sequel.

With this film now in the works, no doubt there will be many questions from fans. For me, there are two on my mind. The first conflict I have is whether or not Neill Blomkamp is a good choice as the film's director. Blomkamp has proven himself to be a director with visual talent. However, when it comes to his stories, Neill's films come off as cliched and preachy. It does not help that films likes [Elysium](movie:44956) and even the upcoming [Chappie](movie:466720) share traits similar to District 9; which shows Blomkamp's lack of originality when it comes to storytelling. So Neill taking a series like Alien under his wing concerns me. However, with Blomkamp being an Alien fan, perhaps the director will do this new film justice; and if anything, the cinematography for this film will look fantastic.

The other thing that I am pondering is the direction of this film. In the first film, we saw what happens when a crew is isolated with a Xenomorph. Then in Aliens, we got to see a full Xenomorph colony and how intense that scenario could be. In the other two sequels, we mostly saw things that we rather not remember such as a Human/Xenomorph hybrid. So what is left for the Alien franchise? In this case, perhaps it would be best for the series to go back to basics. Maybe Alien 5 will feature the iconic monster inhabiting a spaceship which leaves the crew stranded and isolated in space. Then again, the film could mix elements from both Alien and Aliens. The movie could start with one Xenomorph, but then the characters discover that more of aliens inhabit the ship (or wherever the story takes place). Right now it is anyone's guess what the direction will be for the series, but hopefully Alien 5 can take the franchise back to its roots.

The fact remains that the sci-fi horror franchise is coming back to the silver screen. No matter what happens, the return of Alien will indeed have moviegoers' attention in the near future.

The only thing to do now is stay tuned for more news on Alien 5.


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