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This has been one hell of a ride for Caroline Forbes this season. Loosing Bonnie, her focus and now Liz. How will Caroline react or who will Caroline lean on? Candice Accola spoke with Andy Swift of (TVLIne) about all of this and more.

Photo Credit/ Tumblr
Photo Credit/ Tumblr
TVLINE | OK, let’s talk about Stefan and Caroline’s kiss, which I’ve been waiting for since Season 2. What was it like to finally film that moment?
I loved the progression of the Stefan-Caroline relationship. I love that it’s been such a slow burn, and I love that it wasn’t this aggressively dramatic moment; it was just really sweet and tender and the sun was setting. They didn’t need to start ripping each other’s clothes off. It was just a sweet, simple first kiss. And we could not have had a better sunset for that location shoot. The first day we were supposed to shoot it was cloudy and grey, so we swapped some scenes around and we filmed it the next day. We had to wait for the sun to set, then once it started setting, everybody was like, “Go! Go!”

Trust me.... a girl always wants a little bit of both. So as long as Stefan and Caroline can eventually turn of the heat it will be a good thing. Besides...aggressive moments can be a sliver lining. It can project the passion and heat between two people that is just undeniable. I mean Damon and Elena have awesome passion. Stefan seems to be a safe choice for Caroline at the moment and to be honest the girl has been through a lot. So having a calm, sweet relationship might be what she needs. Same for Stefan as well after all the drama with Elena. So it's safe to say this relationship might be what they both need at the moment. But like all shows there's bond to be drama...

TVLINE | Elena seems relatively cool with Stefan and Caroline becoming close. Will that change?
As of right now, everybody’s really comfortable. Caroline’s comfortable telling Elena that she kissed Stefan, Elena’s comfortable hearing about what they’re up to, Stefan’s comfortable with Elena and Caroline talking about it, Stefan’s comfortable with Elena and Damon being together — everybody’s comfortable. I’m not sure how this would all work out in real life, but this is a vampire show, so it seems like everybody’s OK with it.

I'm so glad to hear that but to be honest. What kind of friend would Elena be if she confronted Caroline about Stefan during her mother's funeral anyway. Right?

Get more the full interview here with lot's more spoilers. [TVLine]

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