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Green Lantern continues to be one of the most popular comic book character to date. With it’s multiple incarnations; Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner all have their own fan bases, but there is one Lantern who has only recently came to light and has yet to develop a strong following: Simon Baz.

The first thing that stands out about Baz when you see him is the pistol that he carries around with him. Something you need to know about Baz, is that his character balances on a morally thin grey line. He is a very gritty character, that will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. To some degrees he can be classified as an anti-hero.

The other thing you need to know about him, is that he is Lebanese. His character is Muslim set in a time after the 9/11 bombing, where people of his race are met with much racism and stereotypes. His character in the comics is a small time car thief who uses the money he makes to help support his sister and her child, due to the father being in a coma.

One day he steals a car he was not supposed to, and this car has a bomb inside of it. Once Baz discovers the bomb, he drives it to an old car factory that he used to work at (knowing It would be abandoned). The building explodes. Police arrive on the scene to discover Baz and assume he is behind a terrorism attack.
While being interrogated by the police. A power ring rushes into Simon’s room and carries him away. From then on out he becomes the new Green Lantern, but also a wanted man.

Simon Baz is a very complicated character, especially with the character still very young. Not a lot of fans know him or his story, but he is the perfect DC character to build a television series around.

Here is why Simon Baz needs his own show: The show would be centered around Simon Baz dealing with not only his new powers, but learning how to use them. The show would start out much like in the comics, he is a fugitive of the law. Once he gets his ring, he uses it to run from police and continues committing petty crimes to help his sister (at her disapproval).

He is not afraid to use his gun and to kill people who get in his way. But not without probable cause. He is a true anti-hero.

As the series progresses he will not only start to come to the reality that his powers should be used to help others, but to also break the Muslim stereotypes with his heroics. As the series progresses to it's climax, he will become the hero that all Green Lantern's are destined to become. It also possibly leaves a mentor role open from a former Lantern; Guy Gardner maybe?

The reason I am so passionate about getting Simon Baz on television is because I believe that it is a great opportunity to diversify the comic book genre more, but also be a great story about a man's journey as a Muslim in America during very trying times after 9/11. Even today Muslims are still met with challenges.

This could be an evolution for the superhero genre. "Flash" and "Arrow" are great, but this show not only can tackle race problems in America, but also give a much more dark and gritty feel to the genre. Darker than any of the Christopher Nolan films.

Of course a station like The CW would not be the right fit for a show like this. But imagine if AMC was able to get their hands on a property like this. This type of show would be perfect for a "Breaking Bad" or "The Walking Dead" style. They are masters of turning anti-heroes like Walter White (Breaking Bad), Dom Draper (Mad Men), and Cullen Bohannon (Hell on Wheels) into beloved characters.

Simon Baz will more than likely never make his way to the big screen. But he deserves a shot at a dramatic TV show centered around his journey from a gun wielding fugitive who uses his power for the wrong reasons, to a true hero and example that Muslim's are not terrorists.


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