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Yeah I said on many articles on this casting topic for Spider-man. I think Donald Glover is in my top 5 favorite actors right now. I think he ability to write, act, and rap is an amazing thing. And he can act Drama and Comedy so this would be perfect.

This is just a clip for his short film: Clapping For the Wrong Reasons. The full 30 minute film is on Youtube for free. His comedy is so funny to he is perfect for the MCU.

This is what I mean though this is censored you can piece together what he saying. This is from his stand up special Weirdo. If you are interested In viewing this it's on Netflix, if you don't have Netflix then your shit out of luck. He even WANTS to be Spider-man.

On To the Next Controversial Topic.

His age, yes he is in his thirties and Miles is thirteen but he could play a college Miles like Maguire did Peter Parker. Now stay with me here he could actually be a black Peter Parker. He could also do some of the score since he has his rap alias Childish Gambino.

So What do you think tell me in the comments. Can Donald Glover play Spider-man, Why? or Why Not?


#Donald4Spiderman or No?


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