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Jerome Maida

In what should be good news for fans of "Marvel's Agent Carter" (hereafter referred to simply as "Agent Carter", the ratings for the adventures of Hayley Atwell's stunning super spy held steady for the third week in a row!

Perhaps most important, the current ratings for "Agent Carter" place it a comfortable second in it's time-slot.

Of all five shows in the 9:00 slot on Tuesday, "Agent Carter" finished second only to the freshman behemoth that is CBS's "NCIS: New Orleans", which easily placed first with a 2.0/6 rating/share in the all-important 18-49 age group. It also had 14.31 viewers overall.

"Agent Carter" finished a distant, but solid, second, with a 1.4/4 rating/share and 4.14 total viewers.

Fox's "New Girl" tied "Agent Carter" in terms of rating/share in the 18-49 age group. with a 1.4/4. However, it attracted over a million fewer eyeballs than the exploits of Hayley Atwell's increasingly compelling character

In a distant fourth, CW's "Supernatural" finished with a 0.9/3 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic - and attracted almost TWO fewer overall viewers, with a total of 2.29 million.

NBC's "Marry Me" finished dead last in the time slot, with a rating/share almost half that of "Agent Carter" in the 18-49 demo. It's viewership was exactly half that of the overall number of people that tuned in to "Agent Carter", a piddling 2.07 million.

So, holding steady next week should guarantee more "Agent Carter" adventures, while an increase for next week's finale would likely make another season a lead-pipe cinch.

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