ByJordan DiBenedetto, writer at

So as you probably know Marvel and Sony have come to an agreement to let Spider-Man appear in the MCU. Since Sony is looking for a younger high school version of Spider-Man to appear, Andrew Garfield is probably out due to him being to old. So there have been some names thrown around as to who will be our new spidey and two frontrunners for the role are Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien.

Logan Lerman just recently delivered a great performance in the movie "Fury" but is known for his role in the Percy Jackson movies. He could certainly fit the awkward Peter Parker part of the role but I couldn't see him cracking jokes while fighting villains very well.

Dylan O'Brien on the other hand I think is a perfect fit for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He's known for his role in "Teen Wolf" as Stiles Stalinski who is an awkward, quirky, outcast teen which goes perfectly with the Peter Parker role. As for the part of Spider-Man, usually the most important part, we've seen him in action in "The Maze Runner" so we know he has the chops spiffy too. I mean come on who couldn't see him as Peter Parker/Spider-Man????

All in all both actors are great and could both be Spider-Man. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank You

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