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Hello there fans of Marvel!.. i was rewatching Captain in his second film, and I happen to see more interesting clues on the storyline of the future films, like as an example...

When hydra took over the helicarriers from shield they started making targets of some of the important shield members and agents around the locations and as i see very closely some targets are quite familiar.

Tony Stark
Tony Stark

Tony stark appears to be in the Bucket list of Hydra, even though Robert Downey Jr wasn't part of the film, he appears still as part of the storyline towards the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now thats not the only thing i got to see in this scene, the scene shows the Stark Tower converted as the Avengers Tower. as we know after the battle of the invasion in New York the Stark Tower was semi destroyed leaving some lettering as shown underneath.....

......The tower before everything appeared like shown under as well...

...Now in a still of the movie i got to take a picture, if its too glary or blurry you can still define clearly the details of the building modified and reconstructed into something new and just wonderful, and what we will see in the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Here is the picture mentioned:

You can clearly outline the arrow in the "A" as the logo for the Avengers!

I am pretty excited for what MCU has in store for us, and desperately want to see the Avengers: Age of Ultron film, its easter eggs and amazing surprises.


Now am I just exaggerating with my High Dosage of geekness or is it possible?


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