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Hey you. Yeah you sitting there at the computer. Did you know that a new Power Rangers movie is coming out soon? You didn't? Well that's OK. Anyways, no cast members for the new reboot have been announced... yet.

Until then we can only rely on the extremely popular trend of fan-casting to voice our opinions on who we think should play our favorite characters. As my first ever post, I have decided to create a fan-casting for this movie.

Keep in mind, I didn't grow up on the original Power Rangers; Dino Thunder was my first experience with the series. Also, the way I see the reboot working, the Rangers will probably not be teenagers, but what do I know? But don't worry, I still kept them young, in their 20's to be precise. But enough talk, it's morphin' time!

Robbie Amell as Jason/The Red Ranger

Ah yes. Green Arrow's cousin, AKA Firestorm, AKA Robbie Amell. You may have also seen him in TV movies Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins and Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, and television shows as Life with Derek, True Jackson, VP, Unnatural History, Revenge, and The Flash. I think that he could do the Red Ranger justice, plus just look at him; lead role material right there. He's also expressed interest in playing the character, which may increase his chances of being cast

Jonathan Lipnicki as Billy/The Blue Ranger

Two things;

1. Yes, that is in fact Jonathan Lipnicki from Stuart Little. Crazy, right?

2. I know that he looks a bit aggressive to be the nerdy character. Just hear me out.

Many of Lipnicki's role have been "nerdy" characters, and he has a "nerdy" sounding voice and a friendly personality. This combined with his martial artist body, makes him a good choice for the Blue Ranger in my mind

Jessica Lu as Trini/The Yellow Ranger

I'll be honest...... I'm not really familiar with Lu's work. Some of you may know her from MTV's Awkward, but I never watched that show so I don't know what she's like on it. I mostly chose out of appearance, and her look just said Yellow Ranger to me. As far as I'm concerned, looking like the character is just as important as acting like them

Michael B. Jordan as Zach/The Black Ranger

Since Michael was cast as the Human Torch for the new Fant4stic reboot, I've had my eye on him. The fact that he'll be playing the funny, witty character of the Fantastic Four, makes me confident that he'd make a good Black Ranger since the two have many similar character qualities. He also has an athletic build which definitely come in handy for a movie like this

Skyler Samuels as Kimberly/The Pink Ranger

I had the same kind of situation with Skyler that I had with Jessica Lu. I'm not familiar with Samuels' work, but i think she has the potential to do the character. I'm not sure whether or not I'd want to dye her hair to make her look more like Kimberly, because she looks really good as a blonde. REALLY good. Just sayin'

Joe Manganiello as Tommy/The Green Ranger

I know what you're probably thinking, "What the hell man? How come you don't have Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver? He's the shit!"

Now I know we all love JDF, but this is a reboot. Having him be there as the Green Ranger, would feel almost strange. Also I wanted to attempt to get somebody somewhat closer to the age of the other Rangers, while still being older than them (Jason is 41, while Joe is 38). I know that's not much of a difference, but still. Also, he has a really athletic body to help with the whole "being a badass costumed crime fighter" thing.

So what do you guys think? Did I do good? Do you agree with my choices? If not, who do you want to play the Power Rangers? Let me know in the comments below

And kudos to IsaiahStephens, Fpeniche, and KaijuSamurai AKA Matt Frank on their awesome artwork used in this post


How did I do?


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