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Well we all love Spider Man and Sony, the company who owns the right to make his movies, loves him too. But, recently the company seems to be in complete turmoil and that may mean that soon Spider Man will be returning to Marvel. Although he is already making an appearance in (probably) Captain America: Civil War, here are the reasons why Sony will probably sell Spider Man to Marvel.

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Sony is breaking down

(Source: The Verge)

Sony seems to be systematically breaking down itself.

Sony announced last night that it's spinning off its audio and video divisions, much like it spun off its television division last year. The VIAO PC division was sold last year and just announced its first hybrid laptops as an independent company, and Sony CEO Kaz Hirai told investors that he has to consider spinning off the smartphone business and possibly selling the TV business outright.

This pretty much mean that a huge company like Sony has been left out with only these main businesses-

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment - This division of Sony also seems to be in a pretty bad condition after the Sony hacks and also the recent failures.
  • The PlayStation Division - This division of Sony is so far leading the race in the next gen consoles but has failed getting attention with PlayStation Mobile.
  • Selling Image sensors to Apple.

These three businesses are the only support to Sony but even these legs of the company are getting shaky.

The Sony Pictures Entertainment division of the company is a hit or miss studio of Hollywood. The recent moves of Sony with respect to this division (Pulling off the Interview, making bad Spider Man movies) has even lead to a 10 million loss of the company. The recent firing of Amy Pascal, the studio chief may also lead to Sony's downfall as Sony Pictures has released both box-office friendly films like Casino Royale and 21 Jump Street, but also riskier fare like The Social Network, American Hustle, and Zero Dark Thirty under her guidance.

While the PlayStation division is doing fine, the image sensor business may lead to future trouble.

Apple and Samsung are the bigwigs of the smartphone industry. The image sensors of Samsung are made by themselves whereas Sony's last closely held core electronics business, image sensors, is existent mostly because Apple uses them in the iPhone. So in future if Apple tries to make them on their own then, this will kick off the third pillar of the already shaky industry.

Snapshot of Verge's inforgraphic .
Snapshot of Verge's inforgraphic .

Sony needs Money and wants to stop further losses

Sony has been warning shareholders that its operating income is going to take a dip from roughly $782 million to $254 million. Which is a loss of $528 million. This loss is a collective result of all the mistakes or unpopularity of Sony's products and management.

Although, Sony has made huge profits of the Amazing Spider Man series, Sony's reboot is not very popular among the fans and to counter this problem, Sony has taken a very wise decision of having a partnership with Marvel that recently took place. Well even fans and Sony knows that a character like Spider Man can be made successful among the fans only if it is given the Midas touch of Marvel.

But, due to this partnership, the reboots of Sinister Six and Venom have been cancelled and this was a pretty wise decision by Sony because it is quite pointless to make movies that have not so popular characters of not so fan liked series.

So in this case, the only decision Sony needs to take is too sell of the rights to the Spider Man universe to Marvel. If Sony sells these rights to Marvel, Sony will make a good recovery in the overall company.

The Verdict

Sony selling off its divisions is a sign that there is a possibility that Sony may sell and Marvel may buy the Spider Man rights if Captain America : Civil War proves to be a massive success. Marvel is known for having a connection with audiences and Marvel knows that Spider Man is a fan favorite and if it plays the cards right, Spider Man teamed up with The Avengers would turn out to be a massive money making machine.

So, there is a huge possibility that Sony may sell the Spider Man rights and Marvel may buy it. If this deal turns out t be real and the movies that will further come up, may change the entire scene of the Superhero genre forever.

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