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Okay, this article is going to be potentially pretty spoilery. While a lot of it is speculation- much of it piled atop my last article, which covered a certain character being seen in the Arrow suit, there are more set photos (the primary spoilers), episode names, interviews, and plot developments which solidify it. It's also primarily speculation- to clarify, yes, someone could leave the show, but very few things indicate at this stage someone will leave it permanently, if at all. This is just theorizing. That said, we knew nothing of Moira's exit last season either until it happened, so I figured it safe to speculate a bit.

To be quite honest, while part of me is kind of psyched at thinking I've worked something out (and let's face it, it's not like we've figured out how the season is going to end), another part of me is a bit disappointed that what will be a fairly big plot development has been spoiled, but really, it's so amazing and emotionally distressing and has me all worked up I can't NOT share! So bear that in mind if you really don't like spoilers- but this one is just too awesome.

Also consider this scene was openly filmed in front of fans, photographers, etc- it'd be hard to cover up, but from the sound of it they didn't make much effort, so there's a lot more to it. Don't think we've just figured it out, especially not with this show! Anyway, that's the end of my spoiler warning.

Remember this Tweet which got us all thinking? Remember these photos from my aforementioned article, revealing Roy in the Arrow suit, apparently being arrested by Detective Lance? Remember the episode title blurred out that we couldn't quite figure out?

Some new set photos I discovered:

The last ones were thanks to JustJared. These are thanks to both CDP Photography and YVRShoots. These aren't really any more spoilery, but they do shed light on the scene being filmed.

Thanks to CDP Photography.
Thanks to CDP Photography.
Thanks to CDP Photography.
Thanks to CDP Photography.

This video, while I can't embed it, really brings the scene to life. Not only do we see Lance order the Arrow (or at least Roy dressed as him) "Get down on the ground!" we see an enormous amount of police officers run to the scene and cars pull in, surrounding the person in the suit.

On another quick note, Episode 18 is a really clever time to do this. It would place these events above exactly two seasons after the video below- when Oliver Queen first saved Roy Harper for the first time. It'd be a complete circle. Last season, Roy left the team in Episode 18, only to be bought back by Oliver, so if they follow the last two this episode will hopefully have some development in Oliver and Roy's partnership.

Another interesting fact is the music used when Ollie saves Roy was used again in Tremors, when the pair disable the earthquake device. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want some sort of call back to that, but that's just fan wishing. Ultimately, I'm really just hoping, with Roy one of my favourite superheroes, sidekicks and indeed characters on the show, that we'll get an episode centered on him soon, and we can learn more about his past.

Now, we think we've got the episode name too!

Arrow Episode 18 (just four away, but with the hiatus The Flash is taking that likely means Arrow is taking one, that's probably about six weeks off still!) has had a title which eluded fans. Rarely is it kept from us on announcement of the writer and director credentials, so it got everyone guessing.

What do we fans guess? We think it will be called Public Enemy.

Which, with these set photos, is a huge clue. (Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that's the name, so that's that!)

But WHY? Why would Lance arrest the Arrow?

It's a question which was bugging me when I wrote my last post. Lance has gone from leader of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force to Team Arrow's on call police officer. But, recently, we've got a lot of hints as to a change in character.

Now, this most recent episode, The Return, we saw Detective Lance really get snappy with Laurel at the end. He's lost his trust with her. Why? Not only because she lied about Sara, but because she's been in on this whole thing for ages, and now she's wearing a mask alongside the one person Lance can truly project his anger for Sara's death on to, who knew about it and kept it from him, who he supposedly trusts to do anything, who promotes the law: The Arrow.

Combine that with some of Paul Blackthorne's most recent interviews, be it with or IGN, all seem to hint that Lance is going to go to a dark place again and harness his rage towards The Arrow, so I think it's a fair bet we'll see him take a turn against the Team, even if it's due to an extra bit of framing from Ra's or not.

...And now Stephen Amell has made me nervous!

"Capturing some things for the very last time tonight," he captions.

With a photo credit to Paul Blackthorne.

Paul Blackthorne shared the same photo, saying:

"Shooting on the top deck of a Vancouver parking lot tonight - surrounded by bright light downtown city buildings, cop cars, flashing lights, bows and arrows, amazing stunt sequences, cups of coffee and - these guys...
It's a long night, but a good night."

And now I'm really, really scared that one of these three is going to die, or, perhaps, the photographer (Lance). Maybe, just maybe, he means a new suit- and I really hope he does. I love every one of the characters in the photo- and the photographer- and if any of them were to die, I'd be a very, very sad fan indeed. Sure, I'll lap up every second of the awesome writing. But I'd be sad all the same.

What's notable about this? Roy is back in the suit after the set photos above. Don't take that as confirmation that the episode doesn't end with the set photos, though- often things are filmed out of order, and that seems like a cliffhanger kind of scene. Maybe he really is just hinting Ollie is going to get a new suit. (Please?!) But while the dates are backwards, rarely are scenes filmed chronologically.

But this is the kind of thing which would forever change the dynamic of the show, as Colton Haynes puts it, isn't it? And shooting for Episode 18 finishes today, when Amell posted this.

I got all hopeful thinking that "hey, maybe he just means that last shot of the day" while eating dinner. Then my positive anti-morbid thinking optimism was smashed when I saw this.

So, what do you guys think? Could he be hinting this is his last scene with Colton Haynes as Roy Harper ever? His last scene with Katie Cassidy as Black Canary? His last scene period (highly unlikely). My emotions are ravaged!

Could we see one of the trio leave? Is death possible for any of them? Imprisonment?

But...but...they're just getting started!
But...but...they're just getting started!

This season we've seen the Team Arrow we all know and love at its core realised from the comics. Black Canary. Arsenal. Green Arrow. Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, and Dinah Laurel Lance all working together. It's what any fans of the source material has been waiting for since day one, and they've delivered on it.

But, they say three's a crowd- maybe the writers are sharing that sentiment. Maybe we actually will see one of these guys taken out of the picture, even if it means imprisonment in Roy's case after taking the fall for Oliver. Maybe, horrifyingly, dare I even think it, Roy will actually be killed. Do I think it likely? No, but it's possible.

Broken Arrow is the title of Episode 19, following Public Enemy, where all these set photos are from. It was once used to refer to Roy in Young Justice- but after a death of a team member, or the loss of one, there may be plenty of Broken Arrows to go around.

I'm hoping it's nothing permanent, particularly not with these three. I'm fairly confident Oliver's not going anywhere. Laurel's just starting out, and her character development has been a pleasure to see- it'd be a shame if bandwagon whining and ignorance of that got its way and saw her removed, but I don't think that'll be the case. Roy has been around for ages, but there's so much more to be explored between him and Oliver, their partnership, and so many potential arcs to use. There's a lot we still don't know about him which I think the audience would really like to- did you know, for instance, he's the only member of the main cast who we haven't seen appear in any flashbacks, or have any at least partially devoted to him? It's no secret Arsenal/Red Arrow is one of my favourite characters outside the show, and one of my favourites on it too- there's just a lot of potential (not that a lot hasn't been realised already) waiting to be tapped into in the future.

Guess we'll just have to watch and see, but the wait is going to kill me! For now, for the sake of all our beloved characters, let's hope he just means he's capturing that suit on camera for the very last time!

If you want more speculation and emerging details on this, please see here.

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