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I'm not going to pile on here because Vanilla Ice is already the butt of a lot of jokes. I mean, it kinda comes with the territory. He was the first highly popular, prominent, white rapper. He dropped a huge GRAMMY NOMINATED hit in "Ice Ice Baby", and made a lot of money off it. You can't really knock the hustle of a guy like Vanilla Ice. He made a name for himself early on in his career, but has been troubled ever since.

So, once you've become a meme before memes, what do you do? Despite stellar success early in his career, Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, was never really able to hit those heights again and found himself doing the rounds on reality TV and getting into mischief with the police.

Most recently, it appears Vanilla Ice was involved in a home burglary in Florida - he was arrested:

I don't find any of this to be funny. Mostly I am concerned, thinking about how fame and fortune doesn't always lead to happiness and stability. You see desperate and broke people robbing others and it's kind of understandable to some extent, but why would a guy who used to be a legendary rapper and icon need to rob a house?

Like, this classic hit is timeless! He is probably STILL collecting checks for this! Ice, Ice, Baby...

This behavior doesn't reflect the Vanilla Ice I knew. He was such a fun-loving young exuberant guy! Seriously though, take a look at this transformation from the late 80s to now...

It's not even like he looks that bad. He's still in pretty good shape. It's just that, obviously, it's a mugshot and that's semi-depressing. I always find it strange when people smile in their mugshots. Shouldn't you be way more bummed out than that?

And I'm not trying to dwell on Vanilla Ice's fall from grace because that's been done numerous times and has probably contributed to his downfall. However, I think the man desperately needs help. It seems like our society would rather laugh at those who fall from the highest highs to the lowest lows rather than reach out a helping hand and get them back to somewhere in between the two - in the middle, so to speak.

But the good thing about celebrities is that we can still remember them for the entertainment and genuine joy that they brought us. I mean, how could you forget the [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) rap?

And his appearing on The Surreal Life. He pretty much made that show interesting single handedly.

Here's to hoping Vanilla Ice can bounce back from this and get it together. I'm pretty confident that he can. And I'm looking forward to him getting back on stage and doing what he does best - performing and making his fans happy.

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