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Now, there's a whole lot of awesome fan art out there on the internet, and a whole lot of it is dedicated to blending together awesome pop cultural icons into even cooler 'mash up's'.

Sometimes, though, real-life companies like to get in on the act too. After all, there's a whole lot of copyrighted material out there, and a whole lot of strange and wonderful combinations that can be made from it.

Like, for instance, the decidedly strange - but very much awesome - blending of the iconic Mr Potato Head with pretty much ever legendary geek character you can think of.

Here are 18 of my favorites:

17 & 18: Tony Starch and Captain Ameri-Spud

Civil War's about to get high in carbohydrates...

15 & 16: A Sonic Spud-Driver Wielding Doctor Who

Along with a potato-y Dalek. Extermigrated potatoes, anyone?

13 & 14: Spud Lightyear and Homer Simpspud

Two classic cartoon characters, both alike in having a giant potato for a head.

11 & 12: Spider-Spud - Who's About to Get Sliced

I always Wolverine was close to boiling over, but this is ridiculous...

9 & 10: Optimash Prime and the Tater of the Lost Ark

Insert your own giant boulder jokes here.

And, of course, the Star Wars gang get in on the act with...

7 & 8: Yam Solo and Luke Frywalker

May the force be carefully washed before cooking.

5 & 6: Spud Trooper and Darth Tater

The dark side of the force is usually gently fried in olive oil, and then left on a low heat for 30 to 40 minutes.

3 & 4: Mashter Yoda and Chipbacca

Delicious deep fried, they are.

And, my personal favorites...

1 & 2: Artoo Potatoo and C3 PO-totato

"What another fine mash you've gotten me into, Artoo..."

What do you reckon, though? Are there any toy/geek icon mashups out there that trump Mr Potato Head?

via Imgur, Pocket-Lint


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