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With Marvel and Sony's recent deal to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a whole lot of things seem likely to change over at Sony's often chaotic-seeming Spider-department. One thing that seems set to remain, though, is the forthcoming Sinister Six spin-off, which - despite having been bumped from its November 2016 release date by the deal - seems very much to be happening.

The big question.... is just what does Sony and Marvel have planned for the film?

Well, one intrepid fan artist, Ben Vazquez has imagined a very different version of the film to what most people are expecting.


Who fans of the Spider-comics will recognize as the alternative reality version of Gwen Stacy who gained Spider-powers in Peter Parker's stead - becoming, in the process, Spider-Woman.

Now, it seems like a little too much of a long-shot to hope that we'll see Gwen's Spider-Woman in the upcoming Sinister Six - though here's hoping - but in the meantime, I thought it'd be worth taking a look at a few other fan-made options for the movie.

Y'know, just in case Sony is reading this...

First up:

WibblySpidey's Cinematic Take on the Team

Which gets bonus points for featuring Venom...

Skykuripot's Pop Art Version of the Villains

Which gets bonus points for being stylish as hell...

L85M's Modern Manga Take on the Motley Crew

Which, in all honesty, is kind of an intimidating prospect...

WibblySpidey's More Action-Packed Variant Poster

Which makes it in because of the sheer amount of stuff exploding in the background...

TheDarkRinnegan's Lizard-Centric Poster One-Shot

Which is quite frankly just a lovely image...

And, for all you comic-book fans out there:

WibblySpidey's Very Different Spin-Off Idea

Which, for anyone who read the comics' Clone Saga storyline, is a pretty awesome-sounding prospect...

What do you think, though? Is there any even-better fan art out there that I'm missing?

via Imgur, Deviant Art


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