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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Superheroes. Being champions of the people and defenders of all that is right, they are blatantly bound to see things that would send even the best of us, mere "normals," a little bit crazy. Epic cataclysms like the destruction of entire planets or a cherished member of your superteam crushed or swayed by the hands of evil are some prime examples.

Yeah, these events could definitely alter the mind of the pure, as evidenced in this brilliantly insane remix of Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles in the time honored YouTube Poop tradition.

YouTube Poops are videos uploaded onto the titular site that are deliberately nonsensical and beautifully erratic in tone, narrative, and production value. Chucking together clips from movies, commercials, video games, and whatever else YouTube has to offer, Poops get looped and remixed into something... something along the lines of this by YouTuber EmperorLemon ...

I laughed so hard at this in places, my eyes leaked. How about you guys? You did watch it, or am I just talking to myself? Hello? Well here's a small-

Gif Breakdown!

Cause I'm feeling all fancy.

"Honey, I'm Home."

After a hard day at the office with the cruel, and trippy Gilbert Huph, a spasm of rage compels Bob Parr to do something horrific...

...An act that would be considered deplorable in the superhero community...

...He throws his car at the tricycle kid, crushing the innocent little guy!

And that's just some of the madness of the unadulterated insanity that awaits you in The Uncredibles YouTube Poop!

(Source: EmperorLemon via YouTube)


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