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My desk is a little sparse right now. I am in drastic need of some decoration up in here, and I think I may have found what I need. I'm talking about walkers with spikes piercing their bodies hanging out on my desk. Or should I go for a sick statue figure of Michonne? The possibilities are really endless with the awesome [The Walking Dead](series:201193) figures that are scheduled to come out and which you can find in their entirety here.

The only major buzzkill here is that they won't be out until October! I truly am not sure if I can wait that long. The announcement and pictures were released at the New York Toy Fair. Check them out below:

Silver Michonne

This sword-wielding silver Michonne statue is ridonkulous.

Incredible huge zombie head

That zombie head is sweet! And look at the guts hanging out of that walker in the back!

You can build your own prison!

For those who truly want to recreate the show's coolest scenes, they've provided a prison tower, the prison gate, and the prison fence from the show.

Walker spike trap

AGGGH why oh why do we have to wait until October for things like the walker spike trap?? I like how Daryl is kind of chilling in the bottom part of this photo, too!

Abraham looking bad-ass

Abraham truly looks like he's ready to either kill a walker or crush it on the bench press.

A truly dumb walker

This walker has clearly taken a beating, and ye it is still smiling with the little bit of mouth that it has left. Eek!

Yet another undead guy


Carl ain't afraid of no walkers

I love how detailed his jeans and hat are! So sick.



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