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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

There's nothing I like seeing more than the most obscure and brilliant fusions of Pokemon that the internet can muster. I mean you guys are fantastic at creating and illustrating the best pocket monster hybrids that leave you thinking "how does this thing eat?" And other thoughts of that nature.

Today I'm bringing to you some of the best Pokefusions I've discovered during my daily quest through the binary sea. Come with me now and see, but no photography! You wouldn't want to startle the Magnetoise...

Perfect Pokefusions

1. Starmoth

via willowescapee

Oh man, this made me laugh so much. That poor person caught in Starmoth's view.

2. Venuduck

via suiamena

Wow, imagine seeing this bathing in your pond!

3. Zubro

via catandcrown


4. Gyarasir

via rocuart

This is amazing. It looks like a Krogan pet or something.

5. Arbtails

via darksilvania

You ride this around town, you'd never be late again.

6. Mandude

via RJS

Ha, yes Mandude! Please be my friend.

7. Rhydra

via shot-ass

Aquaman's Pokepal of choice, this regal Pokefusion is epic!

8. Kingsir

via nalintj

This guy looks ridiculously overpowered. Beserker-type Pokemon, perhaps?

9. Beemeleon

via groldergoat

Yes. This guy is incredible. The eyes, the color and the pale flame on its tail are awesome!

10. Cudash

This is definitely one of the best fusions I've seen. It is impossibly dark!

via paintaloosa

11. Hauntkazam

via chronokhalil

This is what Ultron would look like if it was a Pokemon.

12. Butterchoke

via KTKruse

You better think twice before pulling the wings off of a butterfly in the future. Butterchoke may be watching.

13. Hauntbone

via necromorph-slayinglovemachine

*Enter joke about phantasmic appendages*

14. Slowchoke

via zephyrxenonymous

No words needed.

15. Mewthree

via bonnyjohn

If Skynet, Tron and the world of Pokemon coalesced...

16. Venonine

via suiamena

An insect horse hybrid? I wouldn't know whether to run or stand, jaw dropped, in amazement.

17. Taunine

via KTkruse

The lord of the nine.

and finally...

18. Mewssingno

via StarvingStudents

Game winning glitch extraordinaire.


19. Magnetoise

via StarvingStudents

This... this is too ridiculous for my little heart. I WANT IT!

Not forgetting my favorite...

20. Marother

via StarvingStudents

Arise, my spirit Pokemon.

If you like what you see here and fancy creating some Pokefusions of your own, head over here for the goodness!


Which was your favorite Pokefusion?


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