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Of course you do because everyone's favorite psychotic doll is officially coming back for Chucky 7. Creator Don Mancini, who has also written all of the films in the franchise, has taken to Twitter to confirm that the seventh installment is moving forward.

Mancini has teased us before with potential plot lines, including a potential Chucky vs. Jason Voorhees story. The one that he really pitched, however, featured Chucky on a train with a little boy trying to avoid his advances with the help of a little old lady.

“The notion of Chucky on a train… I thought it would be interesting to do something where you’ve got this archetypal or certainly stereotypical notion of the kid who says, ‘The doll is alive and he’s doing this,’ but the kid befriends an old lady who’s also on the train. Like the old lady is the only one who will listen to this kid, and she’s like, ‘Okay, tell me what you’re thinking. I believe that you believe it and let’s investigate it.’ As the story goes on it turns out that the old lady… and also the old lady has early onset Alzheimers. There’s just something, another reason [why] other people aren’t listening to her either. But she turns out [to be] a charmed confidant of Chucky.”

According to Bloody Disgusting, this premise is now defunct, a choice that makes me relieved. After [Curse Of Chucky](movie:803602), I trust what Mancini wants to send our way, but I can't help but want more of a return to the original storyline. Especially with THAT ending.

If Alex Vincent is willing to return for another bout with Chucky, I would love to see another showdown for his soul.

The Chucky franchise has remained distinctive by keeping the original creator and star onboard throughout all the movies, so I would assume that Brad Dourif (Chucky himself) will be returning.

Obviously, it's still very up in the air if the script isn't written, so what would you like to see in Chucky 7? Unlike his killer creation, perhaps Dan Mancini will listen to your pleas.


Will you tune in for more playtime with Chucky?


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