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Everyone loves mermaids and centaurs. It's pretty much a divine decree that humans would be much cooler if we had some kind of animal appendage, preferably one that heightens our ability to get around.

But what about human/animal hybrids of less majestic animals? Would you be willing to exchange your legs for the body of a walrus or your arm for the wing of a chicken? Before you decide, check out these amazing sculptures from Chinese artist Liu Xue.

His art combines unconventional human forms (ranging from gaunt to obese) and surprising animal attributes. The resulting sculpture creates a creepy tension that I can't pull away from. Though I find these hybrids grotesquely unsettling, I also see a certain vulnerable beauty here. See some of his work below, and decide for yourself.

Webbed and flowed

Liu Xue
Liu Xue

At first I totally missed the wing in the back, as if the legs weren't enough.

Crouching dog

I believe that's the body of a dog underneath, but the true terror here is how exposed this guy's muscles are!

C'mon, get hoppy

Frog's legs would definitely serve a function!

Sad little piggy

Okay, maybe not so little, but this dude looks so defeated. I get that he has this amorphous pig body, but none of the other hybrids look quite this dismayed.

Seaward bound

This one may be my favorite, just for how unexpected it is.

The angry walrus

This one managed to get a pair of flippers out of the deal, but he certainly doesn't look to pleased about it.

Bat Man

Some of them have a sense of humor, like this man with tiny little bat wings. It's fascinating how tiny his features are at the top and bottom of his body compared to how large his midsection is.

She's got a secret

I wonder if it's her terrifying legs. Anyone else think it's weird that the guys are fully exposed, but the one woman's breasts are covered?

In the end, I don't think I would go for any of these given the options. Though, I do hold a soft spot for that sea horse guy.

What do you guys think of Liu Xue's human/animal sculptures? Creepy or alluring?


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