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Are you depressed that we're unlikely to see another Hellboy movie any time soon? Well, if you are, you can take some solace in the fact you can now drown your sorrows with the official limited edition Hellboy beer.

This year, the original Hellboy comic is turning 21, which means it can now legally go to a bar, get smashed, make a fool of itself with minor acquittances and then spend the entirety of the next day trying to remain as still as possible in bed. To celebrate this fact, Dark Horse comics are teaming up with Oregon based micro-brewery Rogue Ale to deliver the 'Right Hand of Doom Red Ale'. Check out its label art by Mike Mignola below:

So, I've teased you with this boozy delight, but how do you actually get your hands on one? Well, if you live Portland, you'll be able to grab some from the Things From Another World comic store from Friday, February 20th. Alternatively, the ale is also available to order online from Rogue Ales' website.

Source: io9


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