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When a show is ruled as much by romance as much as it is supernatural rampages, it's only natural that the best Vampire Diaries kiss is always a bone of contention within the fandom.

In a recent 'Ask the Fans' feature by Yahoo, professional Mystic Falls manager, Julie Plec, has been analyzing the fandoms favorite face mashes while adding her own two cents to the mix, but is your favorite on the list?

Take a look at the four passionate make out sessions below to find out:

Delena Motel Kiss

Unsurprisingly, one of the first epic lip locks that the fandom brought up was the good ole' fashioned Delena motel kiss, and even if you're not shipping Damon and Elena, you have to admit this was an epic one.

Delena Rain Kiss

As if the infamous social media storming hashtag didn't give the game away, fans were also crazy about the infamous Delena rain kiss in season six.

Plec is also a huge fan of this scene and she saw it as a way of rewarding Delena shippers for all the passion they have poured into cheerleading their favorite couple. She explained that the scene allowed her to tell the fandom:

Hey, thank you for your passion, and thank you for your enthusiasm, and my God have you been begging for this for years. Look, we found a perfect, organic way to give it to you

Caroline and Klaus Kiss

My personal favorite Vampire Diaries kiss also made it into the list, and I'm glad it's not just me who finds the whole scene so damned perfect.

In the words of Vampire Diaries fan Ashtyn Carvalho:

Caroline likes to think she has complete control of the situation and seeing her give into her desires was wonderful. Also, Klaus just looked completely happy, like Caroline was the only thing that he could possibly want

I couldn't have put it better myself and I love how this extremely controversial attraction was so beautifully written that it managed to become a fan favorite, despite Klaus' undeniable dark side.

Stefan and Elena Make Up Kiss

If you've ever wondered which kiss in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) got Julie Plec's heart beating, heres your answer.

The show runner admitted that the tender moment when Stefan and Elena make up is her most beloved lip-lock in the show's history. She told Yahoo that:

That's my favorite, when she's touching his face when he's got the vampire veins and she says, "I'm not afraid." When they kiss, he's exposed himself to her, and she stands right there and is OK with it. I love that moment

Was your favorite kiss featured on the list? Tell us about it below!

Source: Yahoo


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